Carmelo Begging for LaLa to Take Him Back!

carmelo anthony lala divorce

Amid his cheating scandal and outside baby, Carmelo Anthony is desperately trying to get back together with LaLa. According to reports, Melo is willing to reconcile and get things back on track with his wife.

“The Knicks star is said to be texting LaLa nonstop, asking her on dates and even a vacation. He’s even using the 21st century’s foremost strategy for showing love — Melo has been “liking” LaLa’s ­social-media posts. One source tells us that Melo “still loves his wife,” and another says that the two have broken up and gotten back together in the past, and hope the new split is just temporary.”

Should she give him another chance or….?


  1. NO NO NO she should not take him back because once a cheater always a cheater!!!! If she gets over the heartbreak, just be associates. Date and have fun!

  2. ABSOLUTELY NOT! Take what’s yours La La and leave. Leave that all future baby mama drama with him.

  3. If they broke up before then this is WORSE! LaLa would be a statistic dumb bitch if she don’t see that FORGIVING only makes men worse. We need her back on MTV hosting music video countdowns anyway 🙂

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