Cardi B to the IRS: ‘What Is Y’all Doing With My Money?!’

cardi b taxes

Cardi B is confused why the government keeps taking 40% of her income and they have nothing to show for it!

Peep the rapper going off on the IRS:

Does she have a point?


  1. Tell em, girl!! But good luck getting answers. Just keep paying your taxes so you can stay out of bankruptcy court.

  2. what do you think stupid girl? you officially have to pay taxes in the industry but not on the pole. read a book and there you will find the answer. learn to speak like a lady instead of a hood rat!

      • They don’t need a gas…they already fuck with the food supply, water and spray those chemtrails on the reg.

    • That’s what I was thinking. She wasn’t paying ‘pole taxes’……
      I gotta letter from the Franchise Tax Board earlier this week, talking about they are going to levy my wages or attach a lien onto my property if they do not receive the balance owed in 30 days from the date of the letter. BullSHYT….I quickly called them up to make payment arrangements.

      • You are lucky they did not just go into your bank accounts…if you have them.

        They make sure they get THAT $$$.

        • @ Anon 10:49, that would’ve been part of the levy. They would’ve levied my wages and or bank account. If they had placed a lien on my home, I wouldn’t have been able to refi or sale until I paid the balance owed and had the lien released.

    • Her speaking like a “hoodrat” has you on these blogs keeping her relevant and “popping”…. So maybe it is YOU who could take a lesson from her. Don’t be mad at the messenger…..

  3. rats on the subway lol

    The rats ridin the train to work. They work on Wall Street.

  4. Obviously she knows little about taxes and acts like it’s the first time she is paying them and for the amount she is making. We all pay taxes. The more you make, the more you pay. She can always go back to the pole and not report and keep all that money to herself.

  5. Cardi B is a ignorant hoe so I will reveal what the IRS is doing with her tax money. That money is going to the Federal Reserve, which is a corporate bank owned by the Rothschilds banking family. For more information, read the book Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Hitchcock.

    P.S. The Federal Reserve is a private corporate owned bank. It is not part of the US Government

  6. Hey Cardi B…setup business entities [S-Corp (short term) and/or LLC (long term)], self-directed IRA’s/401K’s, invest in assets that produce income and appreciate in value. Position yourself to take advantage of tax deductions, write-offs and depreciation to recover costs. Put together a competent advisory team who are competent in the areas of law, tax, finance, marketing and technology. Establish a corporate board of select people you trust and have your best interests at heart–family and/or friends. Have quarterly and/or annual meetings with them. Expenses incurred for these meetings are tax-deductible. Expand your own competencies.

      • Stop…it! *cracking up* Everyone has a capacity to learn and improve themselves…if they take action on their own volition. Quite frankly, I’m inspired by people who’ve experienced and overcome tragedy, trauma, challenges and obstacles to achieve levels of success…especially when they’re put into a position to help others.

  7. I can honestly said, I tune tf out when she speaks. The stupid is at an all time high….Im sure hoodrats can understand it.

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