Cardi B Blames Offset’s Car Accident on a Crackhead

cardi b offset crackhead car accident

Cardi B tweeted some interesting information about Offset’s car accident. According to the “Drip” artist, her baby daddy’s car wrecked occurred after he swerved to avoid hitting a crackhead.

She has since deleted the tweet.

Do you believe her version of events?


  1. Or he just can’t drive… lol????dang she sound so silly. Why is she explaining her self. Lol

    • Real women who have real men don’t have to justify or explain their actions or behaviors. That’s ‘short bus special’–yuck and boo to them. Some of us can’t handle success or failure.

      • This is the reason why all vehicles have to come equipped with back-up camera systems? Nah…stop it/

        • Right. So his pedestrian detector did not work? I believe him, I just think they left out the part that he may have been driving under the influence. His ped dectector probably went off and scared him and he panicked, overreacted and went into a tree.

    • Yes. I read he ran because he didn’t want her to know he was with somebody…and that a “mysterious” man helped him to the hospital then disappeared. Cardi dumb ass putting this b.s. out cause she want to believe it.

  2. This mystery man was probably “hooking him up” when he swerved during orgasm lol.

    Then offset told him to play it off like he was helping him and then get GHOST. He didn’t want anybody to see that feminine man’s face lmfao!

  3. I feel Teddy P vibes, Eddie M vibes, and Mr…….well y’all know the rest…….#Park It Next Time……

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