Watch Kendrick Lamar’s Reaction After White Fan Raps the N-Word

kendrick lamar fan n word

Kendrick Lamar invited a white fan to go on stage and rap along to one of his songs. But when the woman recited his lyrics word for word, including the N-word, Kendrick had to put a stop to it.

Should rappers stop using the word in their rhymes so they don’t have to deal with this issue?


  1. Show the rest of the video.. lol white ppl say nigga just like we do, they ain’t all trying to be racist.

    • You’ve got plenty of other comments to prove what I’m about to say to you.
      You’re a headcase.

      #FuckedUpPriorities …I see you

  2. Some White people will use any excuse to say it. It’s like programmed in them to say it. I personally think no one should say it

  3. My father explained this me when I was 10. Ni$$er and Ni$$a..There’s a difference, only WE know the difference–THEY don’t….RIP Dad!

  4. Nearly 55% of the hip hop audience is white. If blacks want stop whites from using the n word they should just stop saying it or just market their music to the streets. And p.s why do black americans even use such a disgraceful word like nigga. Thats like calling yourself a slave

  5. Dont say it if your not black. If the word had not been turned around whites would use it and do use it in a derogatory hate fueled manner…
    It belongs to us now.

  6. And to be honest old black folks HATE the word. Its offensive at grandma’s house.. And uncle and grandpa might scrap ya ass cause u cursed them out wit it. I use it rarely its just played out. Lil kids HATE it to.

  7. Nigga nigga nigga my click’s coming
    I don’t mind dying what about you.
    Nigga nigga nigga……

    What are yall niggas trippin on? That word is ingrained in our brain because we took out the strain and pain from the word and used it for OUR gain.

    White males know what time it is… be these white girls who u black males worship that think they can get away with this. God damn innocent little Becky.

  8. The usage of the word is out of control, no going back. You got female and male Latinos, Asians from adults on down to kids calling one another ‘niggah’. Call one of them a Spic, Wetback or Gook in a loving way and see what happens, Lol, Lol

  9. Why is it when white people use the n-word its the black people fault? How come we can’t call it like it is…….They want to use that word because they gave that word life….like giving birth to a baby.

  10. We as African American, West Indians and Hispanics can use the Word Nigga but white people shouldn’t say it period. It is disrespectful when they say it. Their ancestors raped and lynched us and called us that constantly.

    • I never really understood why Spanish people say it either. They had slaves as well and the word derived from them. It’s true no one should say it but not for nothing Asians never had black slaves so I don’t get why people get mad when Asians say the word. This world is so backwards.

  11. “100 Years of Lynching” by Ralph Ginzburg

    A book full of graphic reasons why NOT to use the word.

  12. She should’ve been smart like the white people they call on stage at chocolate sundaes in Hollywood. When they get to the nigga part- just don’t say it!!

  13. Maybe she was feeling nostalgic……missing an ornament on her tree…….missing an appetizer at the BBQ……..or missing a back bumper on her F150?……Who would want to call someone else by a slur name?

  14. Yo! ho! yo nigga! yo nigga! no nigga!
    Check it out!
    How can you say to me yo my nigga
    Cursin’ up a storm with your finger on a trigger
    Feelin’ all the girls like a big gold digger
    Take a small problem
    Make a small problem bigger
    Say yo! I ain’t poor I got dough
    You don’t consider me your brother no more
    Goddamn kilogram, how do you figure
    I don’t wanna be called yo nigga!
    Yo nigga!
    Yo nigga!
    I try to make my statements stick like flypapers
    Judge says to me “yo nigga sign these goddamn papers”
    My boss told me “yo nigga you’re fired”
    ‘Cause my body told me “yo nigga you’re tired”
    Yo nigga this, and yo nigga that
    I’m your nigga now ’cause your head got fat
    Flava framalama boy you won’t figure
    I don’t wanna be called yo nigga
    Yo nigga!
    Break it down
    Everybody sayin’ it
    Everybody playin’ it
    Load it on a scale
    ‘Cause everybody’s weighin’ it
    Toby say “yo I be good nigga”
    “Nigga get a shovel nigga be good digger”
    I don’t care how small or bigger
    I don’t wanna be called yo nigga
    Yo nigga

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