LOL! Cardi B Accidentally Drags Sommore

sommore cardi b

Comedienne Sommore took to her Instagram to drag an unknown person. And to get her point across, she reposted a shot from Cardi B’s video Bodak Yellow.

But Cardi was in her feelings and thought Sommore was trying to call her out. So the rapper clapped back and tried to defend herself over an issue that didn’t even involve her.

cardi b sommore drag

When blogs reached out to Sommore to find out why she was beefin with Cardi, that’s when Sommore made it clear that she’s a fan of her music, and her post had nothing to do with the rapper.


  1. I don’t know, I think “Cardi B” need to not mess with Sommore she’s a real comedianne and would make a total joke out of “Cardi B” career

    • Right!! Lol beefing with Nicki is one thing but beefing with a professonal comedian, prob not the smartest move. ? Because i like Cardi but im all honesty the song is weak but somehow it go hard and i like it. But i think Simone can roast her whole career.

  2. Cardi B don’t know who she playin with. Sommore ain’t no joke and could really GO IN, leave Cardi in shambles.

  3. BTW, that Cardi song is ratchet on steroids. ReDAMDiculous what’s considered good music, hip hop now a days. She sounds awful, SMH.

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