Kim & Kanye Chose Black Surrogate

kim kardashian kanye west black surrogate

In case you were curious, the details surrounding Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s surrogate has been leaked.

The woman is said to be a 20-something African America with a college degree. She’s in good physical shape, she has been married for five years and has two small boys. Oh, and she’s a registered Democrat.

She’s due in January in case you want to send her a baby shower gift.



  1. That poor baby is going to go through hell and it’s going to be fully black. I find that strange the first surrogate they use is a black woman. ??‍♀️

    • It’s a bullshit publicity stunt to keep the black wallet hooked instead of those hoes trying to do good for the hurricane victims they’re trying to be shock jocks only a fool would believe anything they say. As I said down-thread, Rhianna got those hoes shook and they’ll never be as respected as the Carters.

  2. Surrogate as in carrying Kimye’s sperm & egg or is she a surrogate egg donor to them?

    • She’s doing it for $45K. I wouldn’t for less than $100 and $200K plus benefits from this couple.

  3. Probably used Rob’s sperm with this black chick since Heaven came out so cute.

  4. Well of course. Im not sure about Kanye, but Kim has herpes, and if she had a possible breakout anytime during the labor and birth of her child, the child could contract the disease upon exit of the vagina, and end up blind. There was likely some other highly advanced methods in place during the whole invitro procedure to rid her eggs of the Herpes virus.

    • He’s not racially ambiguous. Meaning that baby look all the way black he don’t look mix that’s why they keep him hid but he’s gorgeous little black man to be LMAO

      • I think Saint is even cuter than North, and he is the same shade as she is.

        Kim is using a surrogate because she gets that toxemia stuff that makes your feet swell up twice their size and can be fatal in some cases.
        I wouldn’t want to go through it a third time either.

        Herpes is not a factor with pregnancy. The doctors can prevent a breakout at delivery time, and in an emergency they can always do a Caesarean.

  5. They’re lame ass attention whores this is their last gasp at competing with the Carters and Rhianna’s of the show world all that plastic surgery to mimic BW laughingstocks. Rhianna got those bitches shook. They’ll never ever be as respected as the Carters (Bey and Jay, Blu & the twins), even their brainwashed BW “mammy patrol” is turning against them, slow train wreck of pimping out the mixed and so called black kids now those pathetic bitches. Anything to keep that black wallet open, pimps.

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