Caitlyn Jenner Getting Her Muffin Dusted by 25-Year-Old Trans Model

caitlyn jenner girlfriend Andreja Pejić

67-year-old Caitlyn Jenner is reportedly dating 25-year-old trans model Andreja Pejić.

The two were booed up at Elton John’s Oscar party where Caitlyn invited Andreja to be her date. The two were even spotted holding hands according to sources.

“They talked to people as they walked over to the bar. Caitlyn put her hand on her back as they walked.”

The two reportedly stayed at the party for five hours before leaving together to bump cats…or rub sausages or whatever TF.

Caitlyn and Andreja were both born male, and Andreja underwent a gender reassignment surgery back in 2014.

Back in 2016, Caitlyn said she wouldn’t have sex with men until after she went through with her surgery, but it looks like she’s having fun playing in the manmade lady pond for now.

Do you think this is an upgrade from Kris?


  1. What in the shanigans is this!?! This here is from Satan himself. This is far far far away from natural! Do these people know they will be judged?

    • How do you know they will be judged? Contrary to popular belief here, many people do not believe in a literal heaven and hell.

      • Just because some don’t believe in it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. And yes, they will be judged. This is an abomination.

  2. Transsexual is a disease #facts. In Atlanta I have seen that a lot of these brothas who become transsexual or crossdressers really have serious self esteem problems and most are gay because they WANT and NEED a dominant male attention.

    Single mother households=Gay culture

    • Lol @Reformist……sit the fuck down you silly fool with your #fakefacts……if that was the case the majority of men would be homosexual….the truth is homosexuality is not a genetic issue…its a choice made by men who were usually sodomized and molested as little boys,by “heterosexual” men who just happen to be pedophiles. #TrueFacts men will fuck a honey coated tree hole infested with red army ants if it means busting a nut. You guys are so sick…..Off with your dicks!

      • @Cockchopper cosign….that is more truth then @reformist single mothers=gay culture nonsense…the truth is men have very little self control when it comes to sick, twisted, depraved, and immoral sex acts.Whether its a child,animal,corpse or whatever if it has a hole you sickos will fuck it. Fuck prison free castrations for you nasty fuckers, you don’t need to breed any way there cloning people so your sperm will soon be obsolete.Don’t get me started on the rapist, razors , lemon juice and salt, nuff said.

      • And why do you think so many little boys are being raped by older boys and men?

        Because mama is at da club or the nasty boyfriend is messing with lil Sean while mama is at work. If you don’t believe that the reason that Atlanta is chock full of gay black men is mostly due to the dearth of fathers in the home—you are in deep denial.

        And it’s getting worse every year. It used to be that the young black gay boys were the sissy misfits. Now, all the masculine thuggish boys are all gay too. Maybe even more so.
        If things don’t change, there won’t be any potential husbands in ATL and the women will just have to give up or relocate to smaller cities or go up north or out west.
        Gay black men are moving to ATL like it was Mecca.

        • You fuckers always only look at the result and not the cause which is a country who has always separated and removed males from the family.

          Why don’t you all talk about that and how they use the prison system to turn black males specifically into dl fags (do to unjust longer sentences and some innocent men being placed there) who come back and violate children, infect women because they are still engaging in homo acts etc etc…

  3. Fuck this sherm who was this idiot fooling when he started crossdresibg ad saying he still like women I knew he was lying then what man in his right mind openly cross dress and take hormone and says he like women no Bruce you wanted dick then and you want dick now

    Bruce is sick pussy and he wants to be one

    Fuck him or it, or her he wants to be a grannytranny that’s him

  4. So they have surgeries to become women just to go out with other trans women / women so they ultimately becomes lesbians? I wonder how the world is going to be 20 years from now because right now everything is fucked imagine later on smh

    • Bruce has a dick the other one does not so no this is not a lesbian relationship.

      As far as I am concerned they are both male because that is what they were born as so it is a homo male relationship.

  5. These holly whores are throwing their lifestyles in our faces cause they got money

  6. If anyone here honestly wants to know why a man would go through all the surgeries and HRT just to turn around and be with a woman or a tranny who has had his junk removed, Look up autogynephilia in Wikipedia.

    No matter how much you may believe that Bruce is a gay man who wants dick, he is actually an autogynephile. It is a paraphilia in which men are greatly aroused sexually by visualizing themselves as a female.

    Back in the day they called these men cross dressers. They were always heterosexual men who were usually married. This is a whole different thing than drag queens or REAL transexuals(like the one pictured with Bruce.) And this is why women, lesbian ad straight, are so agaist letting these freaks have access to our locker rooms and toilets. These ddes want to come into our facilities ad perv the females while flashig their “she-nis”
    They are very sick twisted people. I have no problem with real trannies who fully commit to the change. Bruce will ever cut off his dick because he is an autogynephile.

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