Brandy & Her New Bae Share Awkward Video

brandy boyfriend video
In case you missed the memo, Brandy’s all boo’d up with her new boyfriend, Sir William James The Baptist. Now that they’ve gone public, Brandy decided to share this video of the two of them.

Looks a bit awkward and forced don’t you think?

Sir Williams posted a video of his own, too.

What do you think about Brandy’s new bae?


  1. This dude looks like he’s one step away from transitioning to Male to female, smh. Come on brandy now, the dude looks totally gay. Fake relationship.

  2. Come on, Brandy! You CAN NOT be that desperate for love. This guy is not into you or any other woman. He’s gay and most likely using you.

    So many people love your music and want to see you win but your self esteem must have hit rock bottom to date this man.

    You are beautiful. I would hate to see you get played, again.

  3. Is this so people forget about the scientology thing?
    Her “boyfriend” is a Baptist so she a Baptist now? Plus that nigga look flexible as hell so I call bullshit. Last man Brandy had was Q even that husband for 5 minutes was bullshit.

  4. This looks so fake Im sorry but that guy a whole bunch of sugar in his tank and he’s not attractive Brandy looking desperate as hell. No bueno..

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