Brandy Clears Up Pregnancy Rumors…


    Pregnant my ass… Damn can a bitch just could have been #bloated yesterday? I ain’t gon lie, I did look pregnant… but you would think I would have had the Baby by now… lol… so Nah son


    1. She probably is six months or so and will go into hiding for the duration have the kid in secret and lord knows what will happen to it after…

        • Anonymous: You’re a fucking idiot. She just ended her Chicago run on Broadway on August 31st. Go sit down somewhere.

          • LMAO…you are a fucking idiot!

            Did you actually SEE her in the reprisal? I am thinking NO…so go sit your dollar ass down somewhere before I make change, dumb bitch!

          • So she had a 2wk run, but still hadn’t performed the role in 2yrs…so you are still a dumb bitch for acting like it has been a continuous situation!

            And if you look at her pictures from opening night she is wearing a coat and hiding her gut on most of the pics, so she DOES look preggers, so now what asshole.


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