BOY BOND “For Life” Drake Goes All Skepta Errythang!


HSK Exclusive – From the looks of his newest ink, it would appear that Drake just took his boy bond with UK rapper Skepta to the next level …

“Drake is running with Skepta — and any and everybody affiliated with Skepta gets a BBK tattoo.” ~Industry Insider


According to ‘Skeptagram’ posts it was two-weeks ago when Drake got inked up with the letters “BBK” — an acronym for “Boy Better Know”. How ‘sweet’ is that?! Turns out BBK is to Skepta a brand much like OVO is to Drizzy. Here’s the thing, in many of Skepta’s posts the OVO and BBK connection is described as “more than just music.”

“When Drake is in Canada and in the States, he’s OVO … but when he’s in Europe, he’s BBK.”


The drop:

“Drake stole enough essence from us here in the States and he’s now biting the cats over in London, England. Drake changed his dress code and he’s now dressing like the rapper Skepta and his London/Jamaican posse. In the Hotline Bling video Drake dressed like Skepta and his London massives.”


A clip shot during a Drake performance in London this summer. Drake introduces Skepta. Skepta perfoms. De man dem hug up tight. *Mic Drop*


    • So basically he branded his bitch !???!
      Don't think puffy gonna like this !?!?

  1. Look, Drake, for all the bad stuff everyone here says about him, is doing pretty damn well. So I think he knows what he's doing.
    Everyone bites everyone else.

  2. What do they mean by their "connection is described as 'more than just music'?"

  3. Skepta is the hottest grime rapper in the uk now,that joint shutdown is massive on BBC 1xtra radio uk,it's pretty good! Next up is Wiley, who happens to be the godfather of grime/rap…it's edgy and hard body,believe me,these niccas ain't phucking drake, drake is on their di$k,because they are the hottest out in the uk and now Canada ,no batty boys there. Ring,ring,pu$$y,it's shutdown !

  4. Stop insinuating homosexuality. Skepta is one of the most respected artists and roadman in London. BBK clashed Asap Mobb and BODIED them- Drizzy wants to roll with the top man when hes in London because it boosts his status and Skep's one of the realist out here. He'd probably be screaming "Play Dirty" if Krept & Konan were on Skepta's level.

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