Khloe Kardashian’s Adulterous Hypocrisy Exposed

Khloe Still Bangin' James Harden

Front’in Like She Loves Lamar While Smash’in James Harden On Tha Side!

Keeping Up With the Kardashians has proven no farewell for any man that’s chosen to walk that road to … rehab, like Rob Kardashian … divorce and disgrace, like Kris Humpries … lies, cover-ups and self-hate, like Bruce Jenner … bullied and blasted, like Tyga … and, last but not least, literally forgotten and left for dead, like Lamar Odom … Only to “rush to his bedside” [with cameras rolling, of course] to ride the real talent’s coattails while plottin’ to cash in … or so it would appear.

“Lamar has a long road ahead of him and Khloe will always have the love she has for Lamar.”

Need we remind you of Khloe’s sinister sideshow — headlining the public ousting of her very own husband — labeling Lamar Odom a drug-addicted cheater? It seems that Khloe has been caught delivering that damsel in distress. Know why? Labeling Lamar an adulterer seems to be like the pot calling the kettle black. Just ask James Harden — the OTHER NBA player reported to have been quietly posted up all the while, as Khloe’s side d*ck. This, while a Mrs. Khloe Odom suddenly changed her tell-all tell-all tune … only to come with a beat that would have some believe her to be the estranged wife who placed her woes aside in order to “commit to helping” her beloved two-time NBA champ … later turning Lamar Odom’s fight for his Life, in a critical and comatose state, into a public spectacle.

Then, there’s this: “Despite the fact that Khloe Kardashian has halted plans of divorcing her hospitalized husband Lamar Odom, we hear that she’s still in a relationship with NBA player James Harden.

“Khloe and James [Harden] never broke up. He’s been so understanding and he knows that Khloe’s love for Lamar is deeper than what most people can understand.”

Khloe Kardashian Adulterous Hypocrisy Exposed

Check the drop:

“Khloe and James never broke up. He’s been so understanding and he knows that Khloe’s love for Lamar is deeper than what most people can understand. He’s been very understanding and supportive.

This week, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star clarified her relationship status with Odom, who has been recovering from a drug overdose.

Khloe told People, I pulled back on the divorce because there is no rush for it. For medical decisions and a ton of other things, it’s just smarter that it’s put on hold. But that does not mean I’m back with Lamar. It’s not even in our brains to think about us having a relationship. Only time will tell.”


  1. Whoever wrote this piece must have never seen a loved one from intervention through recovery.
    Let's face it, the OD and strokes were pretty much an intervention for Lamar. Khloe is standing by him as a good friend who loves the addict would. If ya never been there, ya wouldn't understand.

    • @anon09:26, she doesn't need to stay married to him to be a good friend. LO has family members who love him and can make medical decisions for him. This was all publicity stunt by the K gang.

      • He needs her as a legal wife for the insurance and other financial resources. i don't think that his family full of users and ne'er do wells can help much with that. They're about as helpful as the jacksons were to Michael or the browns were to Bobbi K. lol

        • Lamar needs to get his business straight. He and Khloe can remain friends WITHOUT being married.

          Let's face it. Khloe had $100 million reasons to remain married to him (especially if he should die with her being his legal wife) – something the media failed to mention as they fawned over her supposed "loyalty and devotion" during his health crisis.

          I agree that the od and stroke, etc. were a wakeup call. But what did the Kardashians do to help him prior to his od? They essentially used him for ratings and a comeup then kicked him to the curb — which bodes well with their track record.

          And let's not perpetuate the MYTH that "black families aren't sh*t but needy/greedy users," when the reality is that a lot of these black celebs would remain grounded if they remembered their roots more instead of letting folks of other persuasions BILL, BILK, ISOLATE, USE, CONTROL and then DITCH them when they're of no more use. Ask OJ, Bill Cosby, Michael Jackson, etc.

      • EXACTLY!!!!…khloe is makn hr ass, look very "THIRSTY"..i NO! !!..they hv papr!!!..but she, DON'T!!!..want to use hr. 'Coin's' ..but Lamar's coin's look jus the rt size, fr hr (khloe)!!!..tht's how thm Thirsty, crackr-Foolio's!!!..R!!..they momma, taught thm very well, at gettna "Pay-Day"

    • maaaaan urrrrbody know she waitin for that damn inheritance cause she sittin patiently for the next up and coming train wreck…. she know lamar brain cells are fried and she just stakin out and pulling the few strings he has left, honeeeeeeeyyyy..itta be even easier for the plan to work this time…and a lil more blood to squeeze out the turnip before the deal is sealed once and for all…these are her thoughts!! HAHA

    • Khloe!!! Definitely "DON'T" ..want a divorce,'s all abt tht 'paper'..thm 'Coin's' ????..nstead of hr, leavin Lamar!!…an let hired help come n an take care of Lamar!!! 'She'..gonna screw anothr dude, while, hr estraged husband s fightn fr.hs life..?..she NEED'S!!!..2,..get a life, cuz everybody is givn hr the side-eye!!!..tht's some rottn ass crap!! a dangerous game, khloe is playing!!!..she need's to choose which dude to f..k!!! Wit!!!

  2. Roll Call. Name all the men Lamar's wife has been with while married to him. Harden is just the newest.

  3. I always wondered how LO was able to speak with Khloe while he still has all those tubes down his throat. Funny that HOF and one of the owners of the Lakers are friends.

  4. khloe wants to break lamara and take his money what he owes her that's why shes still around.

    kind of odd tito jacksons kids said kris jenner was like a mom when their mom was found dead in the pool.

    • pmk is besties with kathy Hilton who grew up with the Jacksons. They're all bound together from years ago.

    • Chris, I'm sorry but Lamar does not even come close to having that kind of money. Khloe can make Lamar's net worth in 10 trips to Dubai in 3 months. it's not about the money believe me.

      • Google is your friend,so before you talk about something make sure you knows what you are talking about.Lamar has a net worth of 56 million,here is what he has made in the NBA

        Season Team Lg Salary
        1999-00 Los Angeles Clippers NBA $2,445,480
        2000-01 Los Angeles Clippers NBA $2,628,960
        2001-02 Los Angeles Clippers NBA $2,812,320
        2002-03 Los Angeles Clippers NBA $3,557,585
        2003-04 Miami Heat NBA $9,963,596
        2004-05 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $10,548,596
        2005-06 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $11,465,333
        2006-07 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $12,348,596
        2007-08 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $13,248,596
        2008-09 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $14,148,596
        2009-10 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $7,500,000
        2010-11 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $8,200,000
        2011-12 Dallas Mavericks NBA $8,900,000
        2012-13 Los Angeles Clippers NBA $8,200,000
        Career (may be incomplete) $115,967,658

    • One of Tito Jackson's sons, I believe it was Tarryl, dated Kim K in high school and took her to the prom. So the families were connected as a result. And, Paris Hilton's mom, LaToya and Michael Jackson were all friends and ran in those circles with the Kardashians.

  5. Are you editors of this site for real????? Did you think because this fool put himself in danger and messed up his life that meant that Khloe was suppose to run back to him and that the marriage was back on? Have you not read her remarks in the past week? She is not back with Lamar. She will stay in his corner and support his recovery, but his life and staying off drugs is up to him. Have you idiots ever seen what drug addicts do to those who love them and enable them ?
    She is not going to do that. Right on Khloe! Support him but don't put your happiness on hold.

    • With support like that who needs enemies. If lo is such a burden to her, she needs to stop talking about him on that ratchet show

  6. There is no show. assholes accused her of using Lamar and she responded. And anyway, Rachet show????? Really. This man checks himself into a whore house and ODs and you talk about ratchet show. Your analysis is really screwed up. If anyone is behaving ratchet is the person who can't seem to deal with his life without cocaine, crack, and prostitutes.

  7. hes an athlete who plays basketball.

    women like khloe likes the way he slam dunks his balls into their p*ssy and assholes.

    they also love the way he dribble which really means he can work his dick and balls inside some p*ssy.

  8. Xoxo@ It's very simple. Different strokes for different folks. Don't tell me some person you were all hot for, never impressed your friends or family in any way. But you were all into that person no matter what anyone else said. So what was your question about James Harden again?????

  9. Why is this a story? James knows that KK relationship with LO is complicated. He doesn't care that those 2 are chilling again. Because the are in a open relationship. He's smashing other chicks I can guarantee that. He is a THOT just like KK . 2 birds of a feather

    • Well the type of black males falling for those types of "broads" are "Trashmen" and Psychos. Ask OJ Simpson.

  10. cant blame khloe that lamar did drugs he was a druggie when they met.

    lamar should have manned up and moved on but no he missed that white p*ssy.

    nobody told him to hang out with junkies and go into a whorehouse and f*ck trannies.

    guess he wanted to go out like john belushi and chris Farley.

    none of their other exes overdosed.

    ray j has dark demons but they come from hanging out with crackheads like whitney, bobbi Kristina and bragging about df*cking cracksluts like supahead cant bla,me the kardashians for everything.

    like kris and rob told oj to kill Nicole and ron.

    don't hear nothing negative about reggioe bush since he left kim.

    kris humpries aint trying to kill himself.

    none of khloes other exes tried to kill themselves.

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