Bow Wow Blasts The Blogs, Hatin’ Bossipers To Blame?

Bow Wow vs Blogs

HSK Exclusive – It looks like Bow Wow is waging cyber-war on certain bossipers, apparently setting it off on social media with a set of posts blaming the bossipers for blowin’ smoke while calling for them to keep both his name, and Mena’s, off their blogs.

“If you didn’t see it with your own eyes or hear it with your own ears, don’t invent it with your small mind and share it with your big mouth.”

It’s a beef that seems to all boil down to recent bossip surrounding the new digs he and Erica Mena just set up shop in. And so it goes … about a week ago, Bow Wow posted a celebratory IG ode to his new spizz in the Hollywood Hills.

Take a look:

Shad Moss Hollywood Hills

Turns out the post may have rubbed some people the wrong way. That’s because certain bossipers and their affiliates responded to the post claiming they “caught him lying about his new home that he is renting” and that “Shad Moss is mad we caught him.” Guess what? That bossip now seems to be coming up blank. Know why? Because Bow Wow moved to Hollywood for the purposes of fulfilling his new acting role on CSI:Cyber … and CSI money is BIG money. Now, that Bow Wow bossip seems to spell nothing but hate — possibly fueling notions which give certified celebrity news reporters a bad name. Don’t you agree?


  1. No, I don’t agree. He ain’t even a great actor by and why don’t y’all fix this God quill website. It’s pathetic. Like the crabs used to be delicious…./ / but y’all fell off

  2. Poor BOW WOW/SHAD!




    TRUST me!

  3. if people are not discussing
    you, don’t flatter yourself into
    thinking its b/c you’re so nice.
    nooo, uh-uh, its b/c you’re not popping.

  4. Huh? Yall need to do better because this article makes zero sense and has no backup information. Whack

  5. Bow Wow acts like we don’t remember those old Rap queens putting up pictures of the night they passed him around at that pajama party. How else do you think he got that CSI job? Every since those pictures surfaced he has been in full bitch mode. Cuffing and getting engaged to a known sexually confused whore to cover his tracks,being more aggressive,always on the defense. His music career has been over since what? 2007? He’s lucky anyone is still interested. If he rents big deal,he’s most def not the only “star” doing so! Don’t be mad at the blogs, be mad the person you think you can trust who keeps running to the blogs…your

  6. whyyyy did i use to think he was so fine when i was 13……lol the braids i used to think were the 2nd wonder of the world… lol..posters all over my room ya’ll lol i wonder why my mama even let me do that lol…i woulda been like “uuum no you will post oprah all around your room” lol

  7. I knew little Shad would be f*cked up back when his mama used to brag about laying hands on him when he was a rising star she was beating his ass when he was 15 dats f*cked up no wonder he’s off his rocker all those abused down low rapper boys …

    • lol aaaaw that’s messed up. she wrong. i know pisces shad wasnt being bad at all!!!

      • Yup his mama used to brag in print about laying hands on him some old slabe massa way of raising a son too many BW too hard on the kids be kicking sons ass and wonder why they turn out the way they do there is discipline and there is just being a crazy bish. Notice I said some not all.

        Lil Bow Wow is H’wood all the way including subtle plastic surgery he’s paid his dues dats why he crazy now.

  8. yeah that’s y im not havin kids by a black man to make the whole experience stressful and make me wanna beat the kids…lol smh

    • I heard that. BW be beating the kids cause the man chose to drop out of raising them. Neither are ok.

  9. If you don’t like the public having an opinion about you keep your whack ass personal life & your ho ass fiancee off of social media.

  10. If Bossip does not have facts to support their claim, then they are wrong for printing that shit. What black artist need to do is sue these blog sites the way white artist do their publications. I bet you if they did folks would be smarter. Tom Cruise is so quick to sue somebody that even if it is true, he will still take you to court….and win.

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