Bold Reporter Asks Trump If He’s a Racist, Here’s His Response…

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After Donald Trump called the homelands of immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations “s**thole countries,” White House reporter April Ryan wanted answers!

While signing a proclamation for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, April yelled at him and repeatedly asked him, “Mr. President, are you a racist?!”

Watch the video to see his (lack of a) response:



  1. Doesn’t matter how he responds. People will find a way to use his words against him.

  2. LOL. Because he’s an A**hole! Dude’s been a racist. A nothin new here folks.

    • Obama reintroduced slavery into Africa by destroying the sovereign nation of Libya. They had the highest standard of Living on the continent, free education up to PhD level, great healthcare system, and they were a magnate for black Africans who saw it as a country where they could thrive. Obama destroyed them and allowed Muslims to round up and kill Blacks who the muslim extremists thought were pro Khadaffi.
      Obama killed 1,000,000 Brown and Black people in the 5 wars he started, he had 2 Black Attorney Generals who did NOTHING for Blacks, he put Black unemployment up to record levels, let the Clintons steal 10 Billion from Haiti, and allow the U.N. soldiers to shit in the water supply speading Cholera, and Hillary Clintons friend Laura Silsby was caught trying to traffic 33 Black kids (Walnut sauce) out of Haiti. Hillary called black men “Super predators”, and did not allow Bill to see his half black son Danny Williams. What about the plane crash killing Black Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown? What about John Ashe? I mean the list goes on.
      But lets forget all that trump is the racist.

  3. Did she ask hobama the same question? Did she ask hobama what he was going to do with the murda capital chicago? Has april gone to haiti recently? No, why cause everybody an they mama know haiti and el salvador is a shithole thats why. Telling the truth is being a bigot now. Its sucks when you cant keep it real wit people cause then they run out the room and run tell what tf you said. If haiti and parts of west africa aint shitholes why r blacks or anybody rele carrying they ass over there? April, bye even after the election see how none of these black leaders aint done shit but complain? They aint done shit, including april. Nothing has changed in the black community at all but they blame trump, then do something bitch!!

  4. Why is it when Trump fucks up, which is all the time, Obama ass gotta be mentioned? BARACK IS NOT THE RACIST.
    This is a weak distraction…and you know it.

  5. Yes Trump is a racist. And Obama didn’t do a damn thing for us. It cuts both ways.

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