Bobby Brown on Nick Gordon: He Needs to Get Raped in Jail!

bobby brown nick gordon raped in jail

Bobby Brown unleashed his anger while discussing Nick Gordon’s connection to Bobbi Kristina’s death. The singer said he’s not at peace with Gordon only being on the hook to pay $36 million to Bobbi Kristina’s estate. He wants to see him locked up and violated!

Rolling Stone asked Bobby: What does justice look like to you?

And here was his response

“Justice? If he was locked up somewhere where somebody can rape him. That’s just how I feel. He raped me by taking my daughter away.” – Bobby Brown

Can you blame him?


  1. No Bobbi you took your own daughter away when you brought her into this world in a disfunctinal situation. Furthermore you would think Bobby should give this boy a little more understanding since people blame Bobby for Whitney’s death. This is the pot calling the kettle black.

    I don’t think Bobby can afford to point fingers. And anybody with eyes could see Bobbi Kristina did not want to be here anymore since Whitney’s death

    • You sound stupid and not like a person who has kids..nick beat his daughter and a parent who cares about their child would react …it doesn’t matter that he did drugs ..what does that have to do with Nick treating his daughter bad…smh…some of you clowns act like you never got a hug’s normal for s father to be angry at the man who killed his daughter idiot

      • Question how did Nick kill Bobby Kristina? Nick Gordon lost that law suit by default because he did not show up to court, if he would have shown up they probably would’ve thrown it out because there is no evidence pointing to the fact that he killed her.

        Bobby beat Whitney and people held him responsible for her downfall and death, so he should understand now that the show is on the other foot.

        I don’t think Bobby or Nick is responsible for either of them. I’m just saying Bobby should have a little mercy considering people accused him of a lot of stuff as well.

      • So you should see how stupid you actually sound. You just said it’s normal for a father to be angry at a man for beating his daughter, so then you should understand why everybody holds Bobby Brown responsible for Whitney. Because In case you’re forgot he used to beat her too. So my point was this is the Pot calling the kettle black.

        Maybe if Bobby did not do drugs or beat Whitney, his daughter would not think it was okay to get beat or do drugs

        I can’t stand parents like you, who bring kids into the world, suck as a parent and then blame everyone else for your f—k up.

        I personally don’t think either of them are responsible for Whitney or Bobby Krystina, I think It was that auntie Pat and Clyde Davis. If you really want to know. ?

        • All that explaining and the reality is Who cares what you’s not your daughter dummy it’s his…and he has every right to be angry …wtf is wrong with you….it’s not natural for a parent to bury a child so however he vents it’s his right and no one should question that…

          You are just a bitter human being …nothing less ..nothing more ….my kids are doing very well so no need to question my parenting skills because your parents obviously failed I said your bitter @ss was neglected as a child and you expect that every parent is that way…seek therapy for that issue rather than typing your frustration in the comment section

      • I agree with you losing a child is the worst experience in the world, but suspecting your child was murdered by her abuser is horrific.

        • Well he obviously knows more than the public and if he truly believes that Nick killed his daughter then he has every right to vent about it …he has more rights than these silly clowns who have silly opinions.

  2. I still think Nick is just the fall guy and he really didn’t do it I think the Same people involved with Whitney took her daughter out the same way I don’t believe in coincidence anymore

  3. bobby was a crackhead and whitney was a crackhead tey made a crackbaby named bobbi and bk saw her dad and mom abuse each other, use drugs, sleep with other people then bobbi k became a crackhead herself out here selling pussy for drugs sucking and fucking the same dudes with whitney for drugs ansd money.

    bobby you aint father of the year and never was.

    while you was smoking crack and trying to fuck anything with a hole you knew nick before whit died.

    we all knew whit was gonna die didn’t know when bobbi k was a added bonus to the devil we knew she was next after whit and then making on both that sucked.

    and clive davis bisexual ass grinned all the way to the bank.

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