Bobbi Kristina’s Aunt Says “Nick Gordon Will Be Charged”

Leolah Brown Nick Gordon Arrest

Bobbi Kristina’s aunt, Leolah Brown, is saying her 21 year old niece opened her eyes and Nick Gordon, should be charged with Krissi’s injuries.

Here’s what Leolah Brown said:

“I believe Nick Gordon will be charged with this. I hope he will be charged with this as well. Soon. I really do.

She’s doing good and has even opened her eyes. I saw this coming. I told her not to trust anyone.

Krissi would never do anything to herself. She loves life too much. She has too much going on. She had too much ahead of her.”


  1. There is so much conflicting story about this case its hard to believe anyone or know what is really going on. Every day there is conflicting story, one gossip site or news site states she’s on her death bed, the other states she’s moving, the other state they are preparing to pull her out, there is money issues going on within the family of who gets to inherit the money etc… can someone really give us the real truth here. I pray and hope she does pull through this and see’s this as a life lesson. Don’t rush to grow up so quick, be young, go to school get your degree and make your mom and dad proud. She’s still young and can get married later on, no need to rush. Never understood why women love to be with Abusive men aka bad boys smh. Anyway, my prayers and hope she recovers and I pray if this Nick guy is responsible then he should get what is coming to him.

    • Please do not chastise this child on her death bed. Yes, she’s 21. But any of us who survived 21 know she is nothing but a child. Now if you want to chastise someone, please chastise Bobby and Whitney and parents like them who set their precious children on the path to self-destruction. You seem to be blissfully ignorant of the turmoil and dysfunction that Bobbi Kristina grew up in. They led her right to where she is today. The child did exactly what they taught her to do and she did it well. She’s crashed and burned before she even left the runway. Whitney is dead by her own hand (snorting coke) and Bobby looks like he could go at any minute from alcoholism and drug abuse. Get off this child and let her rest in peace. May God bless and keep her soul forever.

  2. Why is that weak ass nigga she with being charged? I mean, even if he a bad influence n all that, you cant be with someone 24 hours a day n watch every move they make. I’m sure he guilty of somethin, but I dont know if he’s guilty of being responsible for her situation. If he is, I hope he gets f*cked in jail.

    • Nick is going to be charged with what he did to her previously to her being in the coma. He is the reason she’s in the condition she is in. Something happened in the condo they were staying in an hour or more before she was found in the tub. Nick put her in that tub to try to make her come to when he knocked her out and she wasn’t responding. The bruises on her face are from Him. The blog tabloids have been lying about those stories and Bobby Brown’s lawyer released a statement saying he will deal with them about the falseness at a later time.

    • Because the white dope boy who sold her the dope that put her in the hospital needs a scapegoat. I believe Nick is all kinds of bad. (And we have Whitney to thank for letting him take a toe hold in her child’s life by moving him in and she knew what was up with that situation.) However, I don’t believe he did this to her. I could be wrong. Time will tell, however, whenever you have a text book scapegoat, you’d better be wise to take second look.

      • Yeppers you do realize that the white dope boy is her ex boyfriend from high school dontcha? I’m just saying that he’s not just some johnny come late to the party dude who provided them with shit. From what I hear those 3 were like the Three Musketeers together all the time.

        • I sure do realize that. He’s the same one who leaked the pic of her snorting coke that HE served her. Many pushers have long term relationships of some sort or the other with their client. Amazed how Johnny Snowcake has slid on out the pic, she’s only alive by machines, and Nick is the ONLY villain. I see you white dope boy. If the whole world pretend not to see you, I do…hmph.

  3. I’m sure that Leolah is a fine woman and she means well, but you can take her words with a grain of salt I’m afraid. First of all, there is no denying that Nick is being heavily sweated by the cops in ATL. but he’s a long way from being charged with anything, much less murder. The “injuries” to her chest are most likely to have seen caused by the chest compressions he did. I have given CPR twice, and the second time I broke 6 of the lady’s ribs…but she survived so she was not bothered by it. I hear that if he is charged with anything, it’s likely to be a drug charge(that Max dude is asking for immunity.)
    As for her saying that BK is doing well and improving, well that’s a combination of her hopes and her denial. I have been listening closely to the neurosurgeons and neurologists on the news channels breaking it down every night. While it’s true that they don’t have much inside info on her specific case, they do understand how the brain reacts to hypoxia. It was explained that the docs attempted to ease BK out of her coma, just to see how she reacted, and she had massive seizures so they took her back down. The doc said that it very indicative of brain damage. They also said that at 12 days in an induced coma, it’s just about the ultimate decision time for the docs at Emory. If they feel she has come as far as she can, they will release her so that the valuable bed can be available for patients with a greater immediate need. She would then have to go to a long term facility, and that’s never a good sign. It’s more of a holding zone while the family makes up their minds. And insurance will not cover that. It will have to be paid out of the Houston Trust.
    Dr Drew said tonight that he feels it is heartless for them to prolong this, because after a 12 day coma following oxygen deprivation of over 10 mins she will never ever be a functioning human again. Even if she did live, she would need round the clock care for the simplest of tasks forever. It does seem cruel to put a loved one in that position for the next 50 years.
    I hope the family is receiving good counseling on the reality of this, and not just the advice of religious folk who believe that a miracle will happen. They need to start preparing themselves for the inevitable, for their own good and for BK’s.

    • Yoi sound like you did your research and know your stuff. But I’m pretty sure this child has private medical care like every other rich person and not the basic medical insurance you are referring to. It’s easy for Dr and other ppl to say let her go, but I’m sure it’s not easy for a parent, family or friends to make a decision like that to end someone’s life, they will have to live with that forever and PPl need to stop forcing others to do so. If the Drs feel like she is gone than they should not leave it up to no one else. Other than that if Bobby brown decide to keep her on there forever, that’s his choice, he ain’t drown her, so he should not have to pull no plug to finish her if he don’t feel comfortable doing so.

    • I think the Brown family does not believe she was underwater for 10 minutes. Initially there were reports that she was awake when taken to the hospital , that she was put in a medical coma because her brain was swelling. It’s possible that someone is feeding fake stories to the press. I think the Browns belive Nick Gordon beat her and put her in the tub to revive her while he cleaned the place of drugs. I doubt we outsiders have the full truth or close it .

  4. I think he is being set up. Pat hated him and if Bobbi married him he would get that money if she died.

  5. Family get on my nerves sometimes. She found like she just running her mouth. Don’t even sound like she know Bobby Kristina enough to be speaking out on anything. How you never met her boyfriend that she been with since a teen, but everyone else met him. She sound stupid. Glad Bobbi Kristina is improving but I don’t see why she feel the need to tell the world, let Bobbi Brown do that.

      • Nick is going to be charged with what he did to her previously to her being in the coma. He is the reason she’s in the condition she is in. Something happened in the condo they were staying in an hour or more before she was found in the tub. Nick put her in that tub to try to make her come to when he knocked her out and she wasn’t responding. The bruises on her face are from Him. The blog tabloids have been lying about those stories and Bobby Brown’s lawyer released a statement saying he will deal with them about the falseness at a later time.

    • O Lawd not THE RITUAL AGAIN. You crackpots have run THE RITUAL and THE SACRIFICE into the ground on here. OK, it was THE DEMONIC, THE RITUAL, THE SACRIFICE, now what????

      • they know this was no accident come man get real stop calling people crackpot everytime you here a story about her they change it it was a ritual just like whitney death clive davis set up whiney gave her a knockout drug and placed the tub. i’m trying to force people to believe anything but believ e the family and news because the tptb owes them both and houston family is satanic

        • listen i’m not trying force anyone to believe anything can you honestly say that her family cares for her? these celebs and 1% percent wealth people don’t think like us normal people they live in fake world of dreams man. these people worship satan and very demonic. everything in this world is own by satan celebs and congressmen throw up the bapoment to show their love for satan just whitney houston did

          • Funny how them crazies have gone silent. They went from they will pull it on the anniversary, it’s as plain as the nose on ur face, can’t you sheep see this , it’s so obvious, I told u so to dead f*cking silence. Dummies.

  6. I pray for Bobbi’s soul, recovery and spirit, but, this story and endless news coverage is getting old fast.

    The family should just keep quiet and move along w/out interviews, etc. They are starting to look like publicity seekers.

  7. I respect Leola and all but didn’t she want another autopsy for Whitney because she believed Whitney was killed. We’re still waiting because the truth needs to come out.I hope Bobbi Kris survives this but she was cursed with all the drugs in that family.

  8. Last week, Leola posted the following on her Facebook page: “I wish people knew and understand what I KNOW.”


  9. I don’t believe Bobby Kristina nor Whitney Houston are dead! None of this makes any sense to me starting with the Whitney Houston letter to Brandi, the mockery of a funeral all the way to the timing and repeat script use on Bobbi Kristina.
    “never change horses mid stream” Wag The Dog 1997


      Just found out about 15 minutes ago that Elvis, Abe Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe, Malcolm X, Michael Jackson, Tupac, Biggie, MLK, JFK, Liz Taylor, are all alive and living on an island together.

    • @999 go with your instincts because the world is a stage and we are the audience.Things we thought to be are not as they seem and it has been proven.When the NEW World Order goes into full effect many will not believe it either.I read somewhere that celebrities are not really dead too but who knows with the celebrity world they are laughing at us especially the powers that be.

  10. Both were on drugs
    Both was involved in domestic violence
    Both are mentally immature
    Both are needy
    Both feel stuck with eachother–her for fear of being alone. Him for fear of being broke and homeless

    I guess that they share equal blame for this situation.

  11. Leola Brown is not smart. She should stay quiet and let Law Enforcement do what they do.

    All she is doing is helping Nick Gordon cover his tracks by anticipating how to defend himself if he had any culpability. She is showing her hand, which is never good. She needs to stay quiet.

    At this point, there is absolutely no fact or evidence that Nick Gordon caused her drowning. News sources are reporting that Bobbi Kris was in a major car accident a few days before her drowning in which 2 people were seriously hurt and had to be rushed to the hospital. The injuries to her face could have easily come from that accident. Bobbi Kris refused medical attention at the scene. Furthermore, reports are stating that the night before, Bobbi Kris, Nick Gordon and many other friends of theirs were partying very hard with drugs and liquor flowing. They claimed Nick crashed and fell asleep with a couple of other people who had partied with them. They surmised Bobbi Kris was either drunk, high or both when she either accidentally or purposely got into the bathtub and drowned.

    We need to all calm down and let Law Enforcement do what they do. Nick Gordon won’t be charged unless the police produce strong evidence or Bobbi Kris implicates him (which probably will never happen).

    What is unfortunate is that with all the money the Houstons have and infamy Bobby Brown has that nobody could do a drug intervention for Bobbi Kris. She very obviously has a drug problem. But everyone is turning a blind eye. Drug addicts just keep drugging and usually do not cure themselves. So, it is no surprise to me what has happened.

    She will continue to get exceptional care because money and power talks (which Cissy Houston has).

    As far as the Satanic Ritual angle, again there is no evidence or basis of fact for that. However, it is well known that many in the Entertainment, Politics and Music field are involved in witchcraft and Satanism. And it is true there was a major Satanic Holiday, Imbolc or Candelmas, that is celebrated on February 2nd and that Satanic covens usually require a sexual sacrifice of a female between 7-17 years old and an animal sacrifice. But again, there is no evidence to suggest this happened. So, we have to reserve judgment.

    Don’t worry about the Satanists and witches. But, if you really want to educate yourself there are great books and websites and how to counteract their evil. There are free videos on spiritual warfare at Prayers at and And dope books by Rev. Bill Schnoebelen (ex Satanist and witch) at And great books like Adversary and Overcoming the Adversary by Mark Bubeck; Spiritual Warfare by Dr. Karl Payne and Reclaiming Surrendered Ground by Jim Logan.

    The only thing we all can do for Bobbi Kristina Houston is to continue to pray. And pray not only for a miracle of no neurological damage or deficits, but that she will be delivered from drugs and start maturing and making better decisions with more positive influences around her.

    • As a ritual denier, lol, I want to thank you for such a well written and logical comment. Unlike so many here, yo make good sense and you seem like the sort who doesn’t blame every tragic event on the occult or the Illuminati. I wish more folks were as calm and sensible as you.
      While I too will continue to pray for BK, and am also praying that the family will have the strength to do what is best for BK. I would hate to think that my family would deny mt the right to pass with dignity when the doctors have found that I would never be a functioning human again. Life in a hospice hooked up to machines is not life, and just because they may have the resources to pay for it, it is still weakness and denial of reality.

  12. When there is an investigation going on, they will never reveal all to the public nor the family. If they had investigated Bobbi’s first near drowning and Whitney’s death, we may not be at this point today.

  13. I mistyped one helpful website in my last post. It should have been

    They have great prayers on that site for all worried about people involved in the occult coming against them or their favorite celebrities.

    We have to continue praying for Bobbi Kristina. The latest reports is that her organs are failing.

    Pray if it is God’s will that he does a miracle.

  14. Dr.s are not God. Many people have come out of comas and gone on to live normal lives after their family was told that they wouldn’t survive or be just vegetables if they did live.

  15. Stop putting words in people’s mouths.Your title stays that aunt said that Nick will be charged but after reading its actually states that she thinks that he should be and believe he will be ..big difference.Exactly why her dad states not to believe stories put out by media and unauthorized family.

  16. Don’t listen to this bitch. She is a snake. She is the one who leaked Whitney’s pictures from the grave to the media. Hell she probably had her killed. Ugly BITCH!

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