NBA Anthony Mason Dead

Former Miami Heat and New York Knicks basketball player, Anthony Mason, is in extremely poor condition following a heart attack.

Here’s what longtime New York NBA writer, Peter Versey, posted on twitter:

“Sickened 2 report, ex-Knick Anthony Mason fighting 4 life. Congestive heart failure, heart attack, 4 surgeries, last one 9 hrs. Sons by side”

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    • Someone mentioned it last weekend. There was the requisite discussion as to whether or not it was a sacrifice ritual.

      • This 1 sure sound like an attempted 1 knowing that all star weekend is coming up

      • BAAHAAHAA! “Sacrife ritual??” did someone really say that? Nigguh please he was EIGHTY THREE. I’aint buyin’ it unless you can prove God is a Bilderberg.

  1. This is so scary a friend of mine lost her brother recently due to a heart attack – more and more folks are going out like this and it’s so scary #PrayedUP

  2. Hope that he makes a complete recovery.i see only 11 comments on this thread.if it were about some nonsensical bullsh*t there would be so many on it like flies on sh*t..sad.

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