NBA All Star Anthony Mason Is Fighting For His Life


NBA Anthony Mason Dead

Former Miami Heat and New York Knicks basketball player, Anthony Mason, is in extremely poor condition following a heart attack.

Here’s what longtime New York NBA writer, Peter Versey, posted on twitter:

“Sickened 2 report, ex-Knick Anthony Mason fighting 4 life. Congestive heart failure, heart attack, 4 surgeries, last one 9 hrs. Sons by side”


    • Someone mentioned it last weekend. There was the requisite discussion as to whether or not it was a sacrifice ritual.

  1. This is so scary a friend of mine lost her brother recently due to a heart attack – more and more folks are going out like this and it’s so scary #PrayedUP

  2. Hope that he makes a complete recovery.i see only 11 comments on this thread.if it were about some nonsensical bullsh*t there would be so many on it like flies on sh*t..sad.


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