LOL! Black Actress Rubs Up on Drake & Gets Curved!


    bresha webb marlon actress drake video

    Actress Bresha Webb of the show Marlon tried to rub up on Drake’s hand during a Golden Globes party and got curved!

    Here’s the video the shows the exact moment of Drake brushing her off:

    Most not have been BBW enough.


    1. So What? I would never approach a dude anyway. Why kill the thrill of the chase for them? Drake is entitled to like who he wants even tho he clearly prefers balls.

    2. Lmaoo that was embrassing! I would never approach a dude like that. You stare for a little and keep dancing and if he’s not approaching u then he’s not into you. Simple.

    3. This D list black actress just exposed herself as a desperate groupie. I wonder if Vincent Cirrincione fucked her too?

    4. Drake mostly likes strippers, “video girls”, urban models, instagram models, bottle service girls… so yeah. His first mixtape was mostly him whining about females, even has song called Video Girls. Welp.


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