Is Diddy Offering the H&M Child Model a $1 Million Contract?

diddy hm child model contract

Rumor has it that Diddy is planning to reach out to the young black boy who modeled the “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” sweatshirt for H&M.

Sources say after Diddy caught wind of the racist ad, he decided to put up $1 million for a modeling contract for the boy.

He also posted this on his Instagram:

Is Diddy doing the most or is this a good idea?


  1. I’m glad he did it. It’s funny how no white designers asked for the kid to model for them but that just goes to show u what they still think of blacks.

  2. That’s a beautiful thing to do, he can surely afford it..
    I don’t know how the parents allowed their child to model that BS..
    Just wow

  3. Diddy wants to give this little black kid a million dollar contract? Do you guys remember what Puffy did to a underage Usher with breakfast cereal? #Pedophile.

    • and wasn’t he the one that never paid his artist but all of a sudden he cares and you all fall for it… smh…don’t forget the video with him bragging and having all male sleepovers

  4. Sounds nice, but we are talking about the same Puffy known for fucking everybody & their mother over.
    Knowing him this child will only be allowed to model for Puffy’s brands, etc. ask Cassie.

  5. The boy’s mother is defending it, but that’s probably because she could be sued.

    Diddy might be the best thing to happen to him. He’ll be around some black folk that won’t have him out there like that. Instead he’ll rock that Sean John and maybe have a little singing career.

  6. You know what’s really disgusting about this?

    Beyond the fact that they actually came up with the idea for the shirt, and then specifically chose this model for it; even after being called out on their evil, they only pulled it from the American market.

    They’re filthy people. Filthy.

    • Say it again and again.. You are so right, I’ve never been in their store and never plan on going to their store.. This administration is allowing whitey to say exactly what they feel.. The parents need to be knocked the hell out.. They dumb as shit to allow their child to pose for that campaign..ijs

  7. Diddy should not do it. Nothing to do with the child but the mom doesn’t care about the seriousness of this, she is ok with her son being used to degrade his race. Her response to the backlash is deplorable. If Diddy employs this child, he will be rewarding the mother.

  8. I’ve never shopped in that tacky ass store, but there needs to be a boycott.

    There should also be around the clock protests.

    Their stores should be lit up too. Yes, I said it. This organization is no different from a hate group. Expel them from our communities. Doing business with and in a community is a privilege. They just lost it. Send them and their cheap sh** made in Bangladesh/China back to the frozen toilet these people come from.

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