Blac Chyna Speaks Out

blac chyna good morning america interview

Blac Chyna is finally speaking out about feeling “betrayed” when Rob Kardashian leaked her nudes.

With her lawyer Lisa Bloom present, Chyna says she doesn’t feel bad about threatening legal action against her baby daddy.

“[Rob] doesn’t respect me, so if you can’t respect me, you have to respect the law.”


  1. Apparently there is a video of Chyna beating up on him as well. They never respected each other. Their poor kid.

  2. Yasss Chyna, get some of our “community money” back from these build-a-whores. They been scheming for black ppls money for the longest, now Chyna gon get some of it back. We behind u chyna, take them build-a-whores & they fat ass brother to the cleaner chile.

    • You sound retarded how did they take your money ?????that bitch ain’t shit but a ratchet

      • ?Right, like we don’t want money like this. This girl is embarrassing, to me atleast. Don’t want other races thinking all black woman are trashy.

    • @12:19… I hear you… I don’t cosign with Chyna’s lifestyle. However, this is her soul journey and she made life choices in order to evolve and learn as a soul. She reported that Rob has a gun and has threatened to kill himself. So she was smart to “put it on record” that she needs a Restraining Order against him. I smell a reverse “O.J” coming on… In the meantime, she should try to do what she can to maximize her money situation from those whores. I have seen a clip on Youtube of Kim basically saying that those K sisters “keep the money in the family” – I instantly knew that code for sucking the black male suckas dry. And to the poster @12:48… Chyna is no less ratchet than the Kardashian family… Kardashian family = Ratchet X 7 (I added Bruce/Caitlyn’s ass up in that equation).

  3. I don’t even like the Kardashians, but I won’t drop a tear from her if the Kardashians clean her out.

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