Amber Rose Professes Her Love for 21 Savage

amber rose 21 savage

Amber Rose poured her heart out on IG and proclaimed her love for her new boo, 21 Savage.

In the post, Amber talked about how all her exes “slut-shamed” her and abused her. She’s glad she has finally found someone who’s the complete opposite.

And of course, she had to post yet another creepy video of the two of them.

How long do you think this will last?


  1. Last?

    Until he comes out of the booty coma…but she did get the last one to marry her, so anything is possible.

  2. There must be some secret dating site for wannabe stars who hook up and take photos for the gram.

  3. Hes a simp. Just like kanye, wiz khalifa, and the other simp niggas she fuckin/taking they money. As if she some prized throphy. Didnt Wiz Khalifa say “Her Pussy Overrated”? U can have about 3-4 big booty white porn star hoes in your harem for the same prjce as a amber hoez. And them hoes would look & fuk better.

        • I know what you meant. With WHAT $$$$?

          She prob gets more than he does, that is why she sitting there talking that spoil him shit. Outside of gassing her own head up and making him look like a chump on the low, she very well may have more than him.

  4. YES, my director left for the day, now I can PLAY.
    What does ‘gaslighted’ mean?

  5. MrsCali, gaslight(ed)(ing) means, “to slowly and methodically psychologically manipulate a person, with the goal of driving them insane.”

  6. Amber’s too old for this BullSHIT here. I’ve been out of the dating pool for many years now, but I know it can’t be that bad where you got a C List, attractive woman with a questionable reputation, but know and hang out in wealthy circles, hangin out with, claimin a D List, THUG, child rapper, SMH. Come on Amber, at least get you a billionaire Arab, white boy, geeeez.

  7. That cluck does not have the sense God gave a peanut. She would not know a good man if he literally fell in her lap.

    But when you put up with anything just to get put on, how could you?

  8. Ewww this bitch is a bottom feeder she will screw anything damn she done hit rock bottom

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