Blac Chyna Pregnant by Rob Kardashian?

blac chyna pregnant rob kardashian

Does Blac Chyna have a bun in the oven? It sure looks like it from these recent photos she posted on Instagram. The former stripper is in Jamaica with Rob Kardashian, and a picture with Chyna sporting a round belly was taken.

To add even more fuel to the rumor, Chyna’s mom, Tokyo Toni, is moving to Los Angeles to be closer to her daughter. Sources report Ms. Toni wanted to live in L.A. to help Chyna out during her pregnancy.

blac chyna pregnant rob kardashian


What do you think? Is Chy pregnant with Rob Jr., or has Rob been sharing too many cookies and cupcakes with his new boo?


  1. His boo? More like his handler. She was sent to him to make sure she got pregnant. I doubt they had sex. She got his sperm some kind of way. Ain't that right Kris?

    • Nope. This is more Chyna's doings and machinations. She did this for revenge and now she will have them eating out of their hands. Courtney's kids are Disicks, Kim's are Wests, Khloe will never have kids and if she did, they wouldn't be Kardashians anyway, and the Jenners are the Jenners.

      • Revenge? She wants to have a kid to get revenge? What kind of ghetto mess is that? If that's the reason she's only playing herself and that kid will grown up in a very dysfunctional environment.

        • Kris Jenner,

          Will ensure her only son's child will be taken care of for life. chyna better

          • Regarding money the kids will be fine but if the main reason why you want to be pregnant is because of some silly revenge then you're simply playing yourself.

            • China feels humiliation since the K's played her. Kim befriended her while having intentions of pairing the little sis with her ratched rapper boyfriend. They all played her and now she is going to play them. The first thing she has to do is deny them access to her child and you will see sparks fly. They will pretend they don't care but you know they do. Chyna is not welcomed in their midst and she will play the same card with them.

        • No, you don't get it. Nothing would bother Kris more is Chyna does not allow them access to her little Kardashian who by the way, if a boy, he and his brothers would be the only one to keep that name going.

          • Once again if the main reason to bring a child to this world is revenge then you have serious issues. If your happines is build on hate for another person you have issues. Deny access? What kind of dysfunctional up brining do you want that kid to have? Not being able to see his family because the mother dislike her childs family?

            BTW Rob will of course bring his future son/daughter to his family. Most relationships don't last forever and when they break up she will be another single mother of two with two different baby daddies.

            • These women are bringing children into this world for the child support a rich father would provide. $23,000 a month, $15,000 a month, $10,000 a month. It's being done for money, for an agenda. There is no love whatsoever in all this. These KJ are seriously dysfunctional, all of them. Nothing normal about them.

        • all these folks care for is money.

          women scheme on rich guys all the time hoping to get pregnant.

          chyna went from a has been rapper whose broke to a rich Armenian.

          only weakness is that child will be a minority.

          kim's kids will be forever called niglets.

  2. It's amazing that kid will be a true Kardashian compared to Khloe and all the Jenners. Heads will explode. Extra doses of prozac will be needed to calm the crazies down. Oh my goodness. He is the true Kardashian heir. Can't wait until Chyna starts cooking crow for them, well, better served cold.

  3. Yes slay chyna in my Beyoncé voce you know u that bitch when u cause all that commotion.

  4. She's starting to look like a muppet she was a cute girl to begin with I hope she stops getting plastic surgery it's not for people that are already attractive. And as far as her getting pregnant by Rob she got her revenge I personally would not want my child to be a kardashian but to each it's own

    • The kid would be the only Kardashian spawn but her best revenge is not allowing the kid to be with the Kardashians which would drive them all nuts. Think about it. It's devious and we like it.

      • Well I hope Chyna be safe cus The Kardashians may try to make her look bad just to get custody and to get Chyna out of the picture
        Chynas mother just bought a house in LA to be closer to Chyna too

  5. Her baby father is dating Rob's sister. Can you imagine if Tyga knocks up Kylie. It's like a Jerry Springer episode.

    • Cousins and siblings and step siblings. You need a line to trace these people's relations.

  6. Something is weird here. Allegedly Rob already has a white son who he keeps out of the spotlight. If Chyna/Angela is pregnant , she's dumb. She will be a single mother with two kids by men who don't make much money. She's crazy to get involved with those witches.

  7. So kylie will be the aunt to her stepson's half sister? Tyga will be the uncle to his son's sister? What in the white trash hell?

  8. Believe this bullshit if you wanna. ???? he probably want a woman like his momma. Kris was the Kim K of her days as far as smashing athletes and stars. Remember OJ big headed ass?

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