Blac Chyna Caught in Cheating Scandal, Her Teen Boyfriend Calls Her a Pass Around!

blac chyna ybn almighty jay rich the kid

Blac Chyna is caught up in yet another cheating scandal. This time, she was put on blast by her own boyfriend, 18-year-old Houston rapper, YBN Almighty Jay.

Rich the Kid’s wife, Twerk Team’s Lady Luscious, went through his cell phone and found out he was f****g everybody. But the most surprising text came from the YBN rapper. He wrote that Chyna told him she was going to f**k both him and Rich, and YBN also said Chyna was the “gang b***h”, or basically, that she’s a pass around.

Click play and hit the buttons on the pictures to see all the details.


  1. I hate that I’m a part of this generation. I feel for the next one (If there will be one) the way the world is going on now I can see it ending ??‍♀️ There are no morals whatsoever anymore. Wrong is now good smh

    • Fact, wrong is right and right is wrong with this generation, just imagine what type of kids they will be raising up next? smh daaaam the fucked up previous crack baby generation raised some bunch of fucked up kids who in term ended up raising these dumb mofos of male and female children smh

  2. This is the upside of messin with a hoodrat.

    They have no qualms about sex.

    If they wanna share you they’ll share you. If u cute enough you can fuck em all!

  3. Over here, these types are referred to as ‘batteries’. How far she has cum since her ‘hey?’ days.

  4. 70% Of All Divorce Are Started By Women !!! (the same hoes that’s stressing you to marry them) 100% Fact !!! ~ Marriage Is A GOLDDIGGING TOOL !!!

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