Birdman And Crew Attack Lil Wayne In Miami

lil wayne birdman beef 3

Beef between Lil Wayne and Birdman heated up as Birdman’s crew attacked Weezy during a performance.

The two have had a very public “break up,” as Wayne wanted out of his Cash Money contract, and joined a long line of people who sued CEO over unpaid debts.   Looking to make the beef real, Birdman attended Lil Wayne’s performance at Club Liv in Miami and during the show him and his boys started throwing their drinks and ice cubes at the rapper.

As this happened the show was halted, and some bystander caught the last bit on video and you can see Tunechi trying to act like he’s not bothered and throw on a mean mug.

A few people attending the show confirmed the altercation on Twitter, “The birdman Wayne beef serious.  Just had to leave the booth cus of it.”

lil wayne birdman beef

We’ll see if Wayne responds, or if he’ll just run away from wherever Birdman is when he has a show.


  1. This shit belongs in the LGBT blog site !
    They care we straights don’t !!
    No one cares about this lovers quarrel!
    If the gremlin didn’t throw that mic at lame man when he found it was his old lover well…he p*ssy and p*ssy always get f*cked !

  2. Wayne gave real blooda a bad name but he was just paying them to represent their gang anyway

    • O-Man and Chris somebody’s body is gonna end up in The Everglades or one of them swamps in Louisiana.

  3. Ironically, I saw the footage on TMZ yesterday. As usual, they made fun of it just like everything else.

  4. awwwwwwww….a lover’s quarrel between the two yucky-kissing lovebirds?! or is it just a lover’s spat? next…! and onto the next on-the-DL breakup.

  5. Birdman and Wayne, can’t hide their feeling for each other, so Birdman is throwing drink just to get wayne’s attention. Their so called “Father and Son relationship” end because of Young Thug or Christina Millian?

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