Bill Cosby Has No Attorney For Rape Retrial

Not long ago, Bill Cosby’s lead attorney, Brian McMonagle, withdrew as Cosby’s counsel of his rape retrial.

DUN DUN DUUUUN …. The #2 just announced, she too, is moving on.

According to reports, Angela Agrusa filed paperwork notifying the court of her intention to withdraw from the case.

Cosby has asked for a delay in proceedings until September 11 while he searches for new legal counsel.

The next hearing had been set for Aug. 22.


  1. It’s just hard to believe we are gonna watch and endure Round 2 of this fight. Do they really want to put an 80 year old man in prison/jail for some finger sex that happened 30-40 years ago?

    • With grown women at that? Where are all his white buddies that were doing the same thing that men in power do, which is, take advantage of women trying to get ahead?
      Have you seen that show signed? It is clear that Just Brittany is going to have to give up the ass to Rick Ross in order to get signed. The way he drools over her is disgusting.

      • His buddies never billed themselves as all righteous and upstanding…regardless of that his dumb ass forgot he was black so now they are reminding him.

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