Bill Cosby Found Guilty of Sexual Assault

bill cosby guilty

A jury just came back with its verdict, and comedian Bill Cosby was found guilty on all three counts of aggravated indecent assault for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in a Philly suburb in 2004.

The 80-year-old faces up to 10 years in prison on each count, but would likely serve them concurrently, according to sources.


  1. Man feel bad for this man but why ttf would you put a drug in an unsuspecting womans drink just to have sex with her….thats some devilish shit. Why not just sleep with hookers

  2. Oh Well……..It Is What It Is.

    Unfortunately, Mr. Cosby Had To Find Out The Hard Way That…….U Have 2 Pay 2 Play!!!

      • Yeah Miss L……You Are Right.

        He Probably Will Continue To Be A Free Criminal Along With The Likes Of His Fellow Caucasian Criminal Cohorts Roman Polanski, Woody Allen et cetera………in Hollyweird.

    • There is strength in numbers. When large numbers of people complain you get results

  3. What Bill Cosby did was wrong and he should pay for his crimes. But what gets me is that mostly everyone in Hollyweird has been up to no good. Many of them have raped children. Some are murderers. So many youngsters who worked for Disney and Nickelodeon have been raped and abused. They have not come forward and have been rewarded with careers and movie deals as adults. Bill Cosby pissed off the wrong people. Others are getting away with far worse than what he did. I hope the chickens come home to roost for all of the Demonic souls pretending to be fine, upstanding citizens. I hope this is just a drop in the bucket and that all of those Devils are shaking in their horns waiting for the tables to turn. It’s not what you know, it’s not even who you know it’s who wants to take you down.

    • @Anon 12:23

      So True……When The WRONG Feathers Are Ruffled In Hollyweird……..9 Out Of 10……Someone Is Going To Pay The Piper……..By Hook OR Crook.

    • It is not JUST hweird….it is Politicians, Judges, CEOs, Attorneys, Doctors, Officers every industry you can think of with people in power who have these evil rapists, child rapists & murderers running shit.

      While I hope this is only the beginning as well, it will take more than depending on these perpetrators who are in power to bring themselves down, the one above will need to take the reigns and bring all this madness to an end.

      Something told me to look again at bob hope and I found brice taylor’s mk ultra story…it is a long listen but worth it to see what they do, how they do it and what their ultimate plan is….

      • @Anon 12:43

        I Agree……..And These Pedophile Teachers Are Running Rampant Too. I Will Check Out This Link You Provided. Thanks!!

        • At about the 6hr:40 mark she talks about UCLA Westwood where kangaye was sent and what they used on her to keep her under mind control…I thought that was particularly interesting, given his current meltdowns.

      • The video is very eye opening and sad to see they might not all pay in this life time but I promise you God will get them all.

      • Brice’s book is a great read.

        She also talks about Hilary being a Lesbian and other items in tree book

  4. What he did is absolutely terrible and I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve going to prison but they also need to be After the other perverts that rape and kill children In Hollywood as well. That dude that made X-men movies would take little boys to parties, drug them and make them have sex with him and his friends. Yet that sick bastard is still working. If Cosby had did what he did only to black women would he have been in trouble? Hell nah look at R.Kelly’s perverted ass he should have been up under the jail. Black people will always have it the hardest in amerikka.

      • Yup look at those bastards and they still got work. It’s because they are white and its crazy nobody is saying shit about that. These women all come out 20 years later idk something about this just seems fishy.

  5. Question:

    Do Y’all Think That They Are Going To Sentence Him To Serve A Prison Sentence OR Assign Him Lifetime Probation?…..Since He Is So Old & Wealthy.

    Geriatric Prisoners Are Very Costly On Taxpayers $$$ When They Are Incarcerated Due To A Plethora Of Illnesses & Ailments.

    • I don’t know how it is everywhere, but in cali they have prisons specifically for the wealthy, where they can pay to not have to be in a regular prison to serve their time.

      They have private cells, decent food, prison is clean…they can pretty much have whatever they want, since they are paying out of pocket.

      I can’t see this judge giving him 10 years, but I hope I am wrong and they throw the book at him and he has to serve his time at a regular as prison, although sadly I believe the prisoners will be starstruck and give him a pass.

    • The way they work they might let him redeem himself one more time if not he can face time in jail and get out on good behavior.

  6. The only difference between this trial and the last is more women were allowed to testify.

    And the last trial had 11 for guilty and 1 not guilty, so he was bound to be found guilty.

    Thank God.

  7. If this is all about a consensual finger F then it’s really ridiculous. She was paid off already. Usually the civil suit follows the criminal trial not the other way around.

    • Really? What rock do you live under?

      She filed CRIMINAL charges against him originally and the old DA dropped them. A new DA felt as id there were enough there to follow through and he was right.

      I am glad she did not give up and filed a civil case, when they originally dismissed her criminal case or else we would not know what he said in his deposition which proved he is a fucking sleeze.

      She did the absolute RIGHT thing, same thing terry cruz is doing since they did not follow through with the criminal charges on the man who assaulted him. Same thing ANYONE who is not treated fairly in the criminal system should do to Get Justice.

    • I bet if someone finger fucked your ass after drugging you, you would not say this dumb shit.

  8. This was a fucking witch hunt. Rkelly is free, but it’s ok because the females are black. It’s ok for black men to sexually assault black women, but you black men need to keep your hands off the white women. Black men have gotten too uppity and this is the massa’s Way of putting them in their place.
    This metoo movement was created to bring Bill Cosby down. They didn’t get him the first time, so In comes this movement. They are making an example out of him. Now the metoo movement will die and those white male accusers will fade away!

    • Witch Hunt my Ass…

      This nig got EXACTLY what he deserves, they knew what he was doing and hid it like with the rest of these clowns, it just finally caught up with him.

      I don’t give a fuck what color he is and they are WRONG IS WRONG…and ANYONE doing wrong will get theirs in this life or eternally in the next!

    • Yeah that’s crazy r kelly out and this shyt flew. That’s crazy. He was on tape molesting a child. Wow…

  9. Why wasn’t Heif brought up on charges? Plenty of women have said Heif said Quaaludes are thigh spreaders. One of the ladies Cosby was found guilty settled and signed a non-disclousure agreement. Why was her case in court? Does she give the money back now? Cosby maybe guilty on some of these but not all. One of the ladies even came forward and said he raped her twice. She said she wanted to be a writer, so her parents put her in contact with Cosby. When they first met he drugged her. She never told her parents and she met him for a second time. If it was rape the first time why did she go back and meet him the second time? One woman said she went to his house to read lines he came to his door in a robe and said his family was not home. She went in anyway. I just believe as women we have to start making better choices and empowering ourselves. Not dismissing what these women went through but sometimes you just have to think and make better decisions.

    • You do know there were women who went to the authorities and they were NOT believed.

      There are women who go through getting their ass beat and go back ala fubpunk and his wife, shown on these boards, so it is possible for someone to be sexually assaulted more than once…

      What I wish is people like you stop blaming the victims, if nothing like this has happened to you, good for you, but it is NOT your job or right to act like you know what it is like to go through something heinous and horrific and exactly what everyone who has should do if you haven’t.

    • His dumb ass got convicted with his own testimony.
      Non Disclosure Agreements usually last for only 2 to 5 years. He got what he deserved, public shame and conviction for being one of many Hollywood perverts.

  10. This sum bulshit ain’t nobody behind this but donald trump but Cosby been living it up for just about all his life . Dude was a married man with gorgeous wife that looks better then all those accusers and she was a ride or die woman so I don’t have no sympathy for him . He should have had a nanny for the kids and had wifey travel with him so when that urge come up wifey right there instead of fooling with hookers.

    • ^^ That doesn’t have anything to do with him being a sick bastard. Some people are just perverse. Don’t think his wife didn’t know about his years of shenanigans, she knew. Back then, you stayed married for public image despite the allegations.

  11. They doing all this to have a legit reason not to play the Cosby’s no more. That show was positive, they rather us watch cardI B and gay shyt all day.

  12. And why the fuck is “R” Pedo Kelly still walking this earth a free man. His ass needs prosecution too.

  13. There’s a segment of whites that can’t stand Cosby and Will Smith. Why? Because they promote positive images of black people. Cosby’s only “crime” was putting educated, successful black people on TV and showing good black mothers and fathers as well as responsible black youth.

    I’m sure Cosby had affairs. I’m sure he entertained thots and offered them all the popular party drugs, liquor, food, and designer items they wanted.

    Notice that his so-called victims had long-term relationships with him, visited him multiple times, and went to private spaces to see him when they knew it would be him and them.

    I’m sure he paid many women off who threatened him. That’s a standard part of being male and famous (or rich), especially if you have a clean image and lots of contracts, or if you have a lot of extramarital affairs. They know the power of an accusation whether proven false or not; so they pay $20,000 to keep their millions.

    Ask yourself why these women continued to spend time with him. Also, why did they accept hush money? Would you accept hush money in that situation?

  14. Will Smith needs to be careful. Any other black men in entertainment who deliberately work against negative images need to be careful.

    They’ll play along and make money off you, and let you hold some money; but they want it back. And they want your legacy gone. They’re probably gonna go for Will’s swinging and bi stuff.

  15. Some of you are mad at Cosby for calling out ratchet behavior. I don’t know why. Did he make it up? Don’t your grandpa and uncles say the same things at every cookout?

    Men of Cosby’s generation confronted some things none of them will ever tell you, so if they say “man up,” it’s from a place of someone who’s lived harder. They don’t wanna hear certain things or see certain things, right or wrong.

      • You white people really tell on yourselves. You’re forever on our sites and in our business. Go make a mayonnaise sandwich and stay out of our affairs.

        • Bitch I am NOT white!

          Only a fucking POS trash ass human would side with a Rapist, I hope you burn like this Bitch for co-signing evil.

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