Bill Cosby Fires Entire Legal Team

bill cosby fires lawyers

As his September sentencing date approaches, Bill Cosby has fired all seven of his lawyers.

The move comes after the comedian was convicted on three felony counts of sexual assault back in April. He replaced his entire legal team with attorney Joseph P. Green Jr. who will be representing him moving forward.


  1. He should at least not die in prison…..

    He gave up 2 kids to Satan.

    Mr “no profanity” back in the day.

    The bible is a fascinating book.

  2. Boule Bill will die a lonely, broken black man. Word on the street is that his stepford wife Camille is making preparations for a divorce. Black men screwing around with white bitches has serious consequences!

      • A crime that took place 100 years ago. Them bitches were ok with the crime and took the hush hush money.

        • So if someone killed your mom and it took years to find them you would want them to be free? Got it…

          STFU you Stupid Bitch, because you know if someone raped your people you would want them to be put under the jail.

          And Fuck talking that hush $ shit…Terry Crews is doing the same thing because they are not going to file criminal charges, as well he should….Stupid MF.

          • Shit so every man has to record n have every bitch they fuck on recording acknowledging consent then by that case which is stupid… What about the dumb bitches raping little boys yet they get a slap on the wrist… Man fuck outta here If Cosby is guilty then so are all those white hollywood2 mofo making bitches fuck them for roles n sh it… Just saying

            • Yes…

              And if you care abt boys being raped do something about it.

              No one said he is the only one, but why defend someone you know is guilty? Is that any better?

              Grow a Fucking Brain…wrong is wrong does not matter who is committing the act.

              • You don’t know if he was guilty, loud and wrong. Were you there? Because none of these bitches not one has any proof other than what they say and we know people lie. No police reports, no hospital reports nothing but the shit they spew. foh

              • well..on the point of women raping boys… . there is this thing called a double standard. unfortunately the law was written by men for men a d didn’t factor in that part.

  3. This is normal. He needs good appellate lawyers now not the lousy trial attorneys who lost the case.

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