Kurupt Left His Wife for Another Woman After Cancer Diagnosis?

kurupt wife cancer

After 17 years of marriage, Dogg Pound rapper Kurupt left his estranged wife, Jovan Brown, right after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She’s asking for the rapper to pay spousal support after he refused to help pay for her medical bills and living expenses.

“Our separation definitely hurt, as I could not understand how after 17 years he abruptly left me in my time of need when I needed his support and love the most. Before [Kurupt] left our relationship, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Although I earned a salary prior to separation and [he] knew I needed the money, when I asked [Kurupt] to assist me with my treatment, he responded ‘go get a regular job’ and I should ‘get a boyfriend to help me pay for my treatments.'” – Jovan Brown

She also said they struggled together for years and once he became popular, she handled the business side of things behind the scenes.

He reportedly left her to start a new life with a new woman and said he had to focus on providing for his new family. Jovan also claims the rapper suffers from substance abuse issues that have allegedly caused him to become verbally and mentally abusive.

She’s seeking $14,000 per month in spousal support, $40,000 in attorney’s fees and a 50% stake of ownership in all the companies she claims to have managed for the rapper.

A hearing has been set for July.


  1. How she asking for 14,000 MONTHLY….when he prolly aint making 14,000 ….ANNUALLY!!!…..Kurupt gotta be 50 and aint doing shows like that no more..

  2. Well she did marry a man they made that said “bitchez ain’t shyt but hoez and tricks” . Kurupt gone get what’s coming for him, if this is true. God don’t like ugly, especially not this kind of marital ugly.

    All she gotta do is sit back and watch… she don’t need no attorney.

    • Exactly. I don’t get some of these women. He’s LITERALLY telling you what he thinks of you, and all other women in his songs. Yeah, some may argue its entertainment, but music, writing and art are all expressions of how we truly think, and feel about various things. I would never marry one of these ain’t shit rappers.

  3. Wait something ain’t adding up here. Wasn’t he with Natima Reed 17 or 18 years ago, wasn’t they engaged? So if he ended up with her for 17 years. that means she snatched him from Natima, which caused her to go crazy and eventually end up dead trying to cross a street from a hotel he let her live in. So I’m not trying to be mean but it sounds like she lost the man just like she got him. He probably never respected her in the first place, because of how she got him. But I hope she gets the money she needs to fight cancer.

      • Natima passed a few years back but he was definetly with her between 2000-2003 which is around the time he married this chick. So it look like she took somebody else’s man based on the time frame. So idk. She not as innocent as she sound in this story from the looks of it.

    • Where did she come from? He was with Foxy… Left Her for Natina…so was she around before Natina passed or during? I’m confused… He WAS actually married to Natina… How is this woman “estranged wifey”?
      I’m confused..

      • Yeah he had already married her when natima passed away. Either right before or right after. But he was with This Chick way before Natima passed away. Him and Natima wasn’t together anymore when she died. But it look like they was together when he got with this chick. So he left natima for her and now she crying cause he left her for someone else. Kurupt is a user. All his chicks have the same thing, a footstep in the industry

        • Ah ha…got cha. Still, it’s a shame that he left her the way he did. Regardless of how the relationship began.You don’t turn your back on family through sickness. He shouldn’t have said those vows if he had intended not to follow through. I guess being a BAN is easier than being a man.

    • Great point. These side chicks and homewreckers never seem to think that their actions won’t come back to bite them in the ass. Once a cheater is always a cheater. If he wasn’t loyal to the last, what makes you think he’ll be loyal to you?

  4. It’s unfortunate she is terminally ill but I don’t get it. This man never hid the type of person he was even his stage name is accurately prophetic. Is jt desperation for a rich man, social status, fame, or just as long as she has a black man. I don’t get. He has connection’s and makes good money when featured on his friends albums and when touring/mixtapes and investments prior to and after her so that is why she’s demanding that sum of money.

  5. Let’s not forget Kurupt has seven or eight kids probably more. He’s an alcoholic and does drugs. Women should want more for themselves. I remember reading when Natina passed away that the son her and Kurupt had together wanted to live with Kurupt and Gail was against it. I dont know how true it is but that’s karma. I hope Gail can find support from someone else and heal from this.

  6. Satanist rappers what you expect. All these rappers are coldhearted closet homos.

  7. If im terminal ill he would be the last thing im trying to fight. Girl pray for a cure. Praying for you

  8. She should have known he was a punk….I remember when he was wining like a bitch to the source magazine because foxy brown slept with some NY niggas behind his back…SIMP

  9. Kurupt ain’t selling records he better hope snoop Dont go broke rhats his last leg

    Kurupt known to jump.ship when times get hard he left suge went to snoop went back to suge dissing snoop then death row goes broke he hollering Dogg pound and phukk suge he abused foxy, he abused natina, he abused his baby mamas,

    This clown played out has-been lucky snoop still doing it or he would have. Been another memory years ago

    Gail Gotti who even knows about her

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