Guy Who Robbed Big Sean Brags On Instagram, Posts Money

big sean robbed 3

The dude who robbed Big Sean for $150,000 is bragging about it on Instagram.

While in Dubai, the Detroit rapper’s home was robbed for $150,000 in cash and jewelry, and a hard drive.  Showing huge cajones, the thieves left a note letting Sean know where he could come to get his stuff back.

big sean robbed 5

Taking the L in stride, Sean left them a note on his Instagram with the cover art to his new tune with Pharrell and Detail “What A Year”: “To whom it may concern 2015 was the best year of my life.  WE counted a lot more wins than losses…and to me that’s worth more than damn near anything.  BTW you took the wrong hard drive.

Now the dude behind the boost, @_jaynate on IG has sent a message back to the “Control” rapper letting him know he’s seen his response.

big sean robbed 2

big sean robbed

big sean robbed 4

big sean robbed 3

Think Big Sean will clap back?


  1. Stupid nuccas. They can chase your Instagram to you very address and or spot now….smh!#ProtectUrNeckBetter #GoonsAlwayzLurkin

  2. Thats f*cked up how brothers do each other where is the black lives matter folks on this bullshit??

  3. So he posted this so either: A. Some stick up boys come for him, B the damn police come. I heard he does a lot for his community this is sad. Don't understand who robs people and posts on Ig.

  4. Sean doez alot for under privileged in Detroit. Bitches like this thief will get theirs. Sean has alot of respect here in the D! Only good karma coming for my man Big Sean.

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