Big Meech’s Wife Launches Lighter Jail Sentence Petition

Big Meech Lighter Sentence Petition

“Meech truly deserves to be able to have normal visits and communication with his family and friends. He should also be allowed to interact with other inmates instead of being kept in isolation.” ~Janell Flenory

Janell Flenory Stands By Her Man

HSK Exclusive – He may be a first time offender, but Big Meech was served up with 30-years just the same. That’s why the wife of the convicted drug felon is fighting to get some time shaved off of her husband’s jail sentence.

Janell Flenory believes because Big Meech – whose real name is Demetrius Flenory – had no priors, he deserves a retrial. This while she’s exposing the former prosecutor on Big Meech’s case, Rand Csehy, who was charged for trafficking methamphetamine, ecstasy and two counts of possession of a firearm, back in May 2012.

Over the weekend, Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory was transferred from Pennsylvania’s Lewisburg Penitentiary to Colorado’s Super Max Florence, Penitentiary.

Here’s what Janell Flenory had to say:

“The Special Management Unit program is designed for the most violent and disruptive inmates in the Bureau of Prisons. Demetrius Flenory does not qualify for this program. He has not been convicted for any violent crimes, so this program is not intended for him.

Meech is only allowed 30-minute visits through the glass. He is also under 23/7 lock down. The facility that Meech is currently being transferred to in Florence, Colorado is considered the worst and most secure prison in the entire Bureau of Prisons. This is the same facility that Larry Hoover and the
9/11 terrorist attacker are currently being housed.

Please help us gather as many signatures and support that we can to help our cause become a reality! Meech truly deserves to be able to have normal visits and communication with his family and friends. He should also be allowed to interact with other inmates instead of being kept in isolation. Thank you very much for your support and please spread the word to many others!!! God Bless You!! Please keep Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory and his family in your prayers.”


  1. These two men are my cousins. Neither are violent. They will be released.They have not killed anyone.They are loved and everyone makes mistakes.

  2. You’r right while meech was the man he needs to learn the art of manipulation I did some time in the best way to do time is fly under the radar. Just chill bro BMF won’t die its in good hands. And yes he done f*cked up when copn out to a 30 year plea what the hell are you thinking 30 years is the rest of a normally life you take that shit to trial……. Or I guess you can just escape like I did except don’t get caught like I did oops….

  3. Janell is publicizing that she is the wife of Demetrius Flenory and the media is rolling with it. His mother said that her sons are not married by any legal means. You can tat his name on yours and his eyeball, that still will not make you his wife…

    It is sad how women fall prey so easily. I agree with his circumstances….he was given hard time for a crime that is considered to be non violent but for Janell to present herself in a manner that is faker than butt implants….proclaiming to have dated him for years and to now be his wife is foolish.

    I sense that she comes from a past of relationships that she was unable to retain thus creating a need to feel needed by someone. Yes she is loyal to him as in her proceeds from pole riding supports Meech to the fullest. As a matter of fact her cousin joked about how Janell was complaining because she is having to send Meech so much money….Really Janell…do you honestly and truly think that if the circumstances were reversed with Meech not having done any time do you think deep down that you would be his WIFE. If Meech wanted to marry you while under BOP he could….why hasn’t he? Many others have. If you are his voice and you are representing him, why not do it in a true manner. Your name is not Flenory…it’s Hall so when you announce yourself to the world in an untrue manner it makes others wonder what else you may be lying about.

    Yes BMF has accepted and promote you with Meech however **DING** it is crystal clear as to why that is. You are supporting dude, and what’s even worse is that the pole isn’t the only thing you are riding for a fast buck. Surely Meech knows…girl boo…wisen up because whether Meech is released today or tomorrow….you will not be his wife. There is a fine line between a man marrying his wife and sidelining his hoe.

    This comment section should be all about Meech…I empathize with his sentence and pray for his family…his real family not those that step up to the forefront proclaiming to be his family. Everyone makes mistakes soon you will realize that you have made yours.

  4. he did not kill anybody hot grl……..learn the facts of his situation b4 you startmaking comments

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