Big Meech Beef W/ Jermaine Dupri Over Scheme On BMF’s 1st Lady!

Jermaine Dupris Big Meech Tonesa BMF

“Jermaine don’t give a f*ck about Tonesa. The only thing he cares about is selling her BMF brand. He’s gonna rip her off and bounce.” ~Industry Insider

HSK Exclusive – To some, Jermaine Dupri is “King of the Pedophiles” … Just ask Katt Williams. Others would say Mr. Don Chi Chi is nothing more than a song-samplin’ jack artist, lacking true artistic vision. But the way Big Meech sees it, Jermaine Dupri is downright dirty and simply put, So So deceptive. That’s because JD has been exposed — not only rock’in with Terry Flenory’s ex — but hooking up with ‘The First Lady of BMF’ for malicious intentions!!!

“Big Meech doesn’t like Jermaine. Tonesa & Jermaine dating is a joke because he’s playing her & she’s playing him.” ~Hollywood Insider

Sources exclusively tell HSK that “Jermaine Dupri is shiesty” and that “he can’t be trusted.” According to the details we’re told, JD hooked up with Tonesha with money on his mind … enacting a scheme “to try to get a percentage of her money.” Know how? We’re told Jermaine Dupri “is banking” his play — pushing a BMF movie and reality show — to seal a deal with the Creative Artist Agency.

So So Def Big Meech Jermaine Dupris BMF

Dig the Drop:

“Everybody knows Jermaine f*cks over errbody. He even f*cked up his own brand! That’s why he’s attaching his name to everything but his own So So Def.

Jermaine Dupri put his So-So-Def gear plans on the back burner to push BMF apparel because he’s in Hollywood trying to shop BMF content. He’s desperate for money right now and his word ain’t sh*t, a dangerous combination.”


  1. I didn’t know Jermaine Dupri was like that but me being from the “A” I always thought he spent to much money on his week long birthday celebrations and that he really never signed any one from the “A” when we was peaking in the mid to late 1990’s with extraordinary GREAT Music, he always signed artists like “DaBrat” was talented, but really lacked a real musical identity that the MUSIC consumer could sink there teeth, she along with Mr. Dupri tried to jack the whole “DEATH ROW RECORDS” G-FUNK, which in turned rob the more talented “LADY OF RAGE” from being the 1st Female Rap Artist to go platinum, “DaBrat” took that title KARMA is a Bitch

    • deathrow ripped off rage actually her album was supposed to come before the chronic but suge kept pushing her back then her album was supposed to come out before snoop’s but since snoop was big and the public wanted more snoop doggystyle was released.

      suge kept pushing rages album back until it was finally RELEASEED AND BY THAT TIME, SUGE WAS IN JAIL, PAC WAS DEAD AND NOBODY CARED ABOUT DEATHROW ANYMORE.

      IF PAC HAd lived he was gonna beef with rage, snoop, and ice cube.

      pac considered snoop a traitor for wanting to colab with puff and big after puff and big had snoop and the dogg p[ound shot at.

      pac called rage the weakest link for not taking his side during the bead boy deathrow fued.

      pac said cube was jacking HIS BEEF WITH THE EAST COAst anmd benefitting off it with westside connection.

      • She is one manly fugly looking bitch yuck …. Can’t say it’s because she loyal cuz as we can see she down for whatever! All that band money and cars and you pick that bitch ??? Fuck you big Meech Gud for your punk ass !


    • chris Kelly was a played out has been on drugs anyway not gonna say every death is a sacrifice I might aGREE TO SOME OF IT BUT EVERYTRIME SOMEBODSY AS A HEART ATTACK OR SOMEBNODY DIES IN A CAR WRECK THATS RELATED.


      CHRIS KELLY WAS JUST a drug addict like whitney, and bobbi k who was druggies and their systems couldn’t take anymorew.

  3. Hmmmmmmm…I betcha he tried Janet and she got his ass back too! Don’t f*ck folks over they money when U wasn’t there from the get go! Karma times 2!

  4. jd copied deathrow lets see other than sampling g well everybody was sampling the sams songs in the 90s but so so def was always clwean cut than deathrow ever was.

    jd shouldn’t have had money problems sin ce he was getting sonwriting royalties and phukked over his entire roster.

    well glad we don’t have to see his bragging egomaniacal ass brag aghain talking bouyt all the money he got or all the cars, houses and women who only phukked his ratboy looking ass cause he had money.

    • But Chris his biggest artist out of the lineup was Xscape and they broke up or something so stupid! Kandi still holding that same damn grudge til this day!

  5. pac made hit em up snoop diss that suge doesn’t want nobody to ever hear it said it wouyld cause bad feelings.

  6. i know people get tired of hearing but yes chris kelly was his sacrifce come on now everytime you hear about celebs or people of wealth dying of drug overdoses they are always alone by their selves and this 21 year old actor kyle jean falls down the steps and dies. i know must people in hollywood are drug addicts whitney was given a knockout and placed in the tub like her daughter.

  7. Hell chris kelly was akready a hasbeen. When he died kris kross hasnt made an album since 95 and they were gone jd was already livibg off their royalties and if jd did have him killed he gainef nothing

  8. Chris u tripping snoop and the whole death row was riding wit PAC he made hit em up straight for the people who on that track he talking bout I didn’t just listen to the music I lived threw that shit too…but Jermaine dupri is a snake and a pedophiler has been for years we all knew that……

  9. BMF is actually being manufactured by a brand in Los Angeles called Daily Doses Co, a company that Jermaine has been apart of since 2011. This article is 100% inaccurate.

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