Beyonce’s On The Choppin’ Block Now!


It’s been three-months since The Man turned his back on Jay Z … and now it looks Mrs. Carter is the next target. Sources say that’s why Beyonce has buckled, said to be fighting to reclaim ‘a wholesome image’ with a recent set of Instagram posts.


Just days ago, the UK’s Metro ran with a post-Grammy report on The Carters’ joint performance — calling Bey, ‘Whore Beyonce.’ The story cited European parents are outraged over Bey’s ‘raunchy performance.’ Industry insiders say that’s proof The Man is through with Bey. Know why? Because the ‘Naughty Girl’ has BEEN selling sex! Just ask Jennifer Hudson.


Has Beyonce fulfilled the agenda she was recruited her for, leading the Man to now shoot her down as he moves on to the next pawn? Of course! Just ask the Beyhive …

“I ask your demons to come unto me Beyonce.”

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