Beyonce Rollin’ WITHOUT Jay Z TO Big VMA Night!


Industry word reveals Beyonce will be without her Jigga on her big night. We’re talking about the VMA’s, going down this Sunday.

Assigned seating for the televised event reveals “Bey will take the front row, just seats away from Lil Wayne.” As for Jay Z’s seating placement, there is no mention made.

“When Bey takes the stage, her Destiny’s Child bandmates Michelle Williams and the pregnant Kelly Rowland will be cheering her on from the audience.”

Check out the latest on the VMA’s:

“Beyonce is nominated for more awards than any other recording artist, rounding out the VMAs with eight nods. Bey is to perform and receive the Video Vanguard Award.

Beyonce is up for Video of the Year and Best Collaboration for “Drunk In Love” with her hubby Jay Z, and is being honored for more categories, including Best Female Video and Best Choreography for her hit “Partition.”

The 2014 VMAs will mark Beyonce’s fourth time performing at the annual award show.”


  1. do’t feel sorry for this self hating back stabber!! she’s getting her karma she back stabbed people just to be on top

    she could of help her fellow band mates but she didn’t she’s selfish taking credit for writing song this b*tch can’t speak probably

    • If any female was givin the opportunity like beyonce they would of did the same thing

      • No they wouldn’t. To get to the top & then to get knocked down by having a messy life. No thanks, I’d rather be happy. Karma is a straight bitch so one should live right. Bey is only getting a taste of the big payback,

    • Yeah, I agree there was always something about this chick I never liked. She is out for herself!! No, Im not jealous.

    • BEYONCE wants to abandon her BLACKMAN just to salvage her career from the HIT her husband JAY-Z from the elevator ass whooping her sister SOLANGE served on em, they are both phoney and deserving of what is happening to there careers now FUCK EM BOTH

      • what is happening to their careers other than steady rising lmao I get the HATE I really do but your HATE just makes no sense so dont type that shit anymore

        • self hating beydummie will ditch fugly jayz for a white man!!!!n just ask

          lil kim
          etc etc etc

          all bed wenches for white men….. black women most do better!! enough said

            • So black women who MARRY white men are just bed wenches? You are insane and I am sick of you spewing meaningless trash.

            • I think she should dump Jay and get her a really rich old white dude who wont cheat on her with every little blonde white girl he sees…

              She can upgrade from Jay.

            • @willi jones
              That just sounds gross. Who wants an old white wrinkly man, unless they grew old with him. Beyonce’s a beautiful active young woman whom pretty much can choose whomever she wants. If her husband is cheating, it’s because of his own insecurities. Also the women that cheat with him are just as insecure.

              By the way, no young woman wants an old man, black or white. V. Stiviano is the example, even the doe get tired, if it is not what you want. Take note

            • No. You know, youre right.
              Eve was sooo much better off with Steebie J.
              Tyra was better off with John Singleton.

              Youre right. There are only so many good, not gay young black men in entertainment with real money and can keep her in her lifestyle shes accustomed.
              Lil wayne? Ok. P Diddy. Yeah right.

              So pls tell me who.. I cant think of ANY of these fools thats better than the one she got at home.

              Nothing wrong with getting in a will. Jay probably leave her with a bill…

              V stiv doesnt count. He/she is a ladyboy whore and only in it for the money.

              A real billionaire businessman can do more than Jay can.. he has no power. TPTB laugh at him. He doesnt have to be white. Can be Arab or Indian or Hispanic, but I know he wont be black.

              What was I taking note of? I missed it…

            • @willie jones jr

              My point, Beyonce needs to stay with her husband. No one will compliment them like eachother. By the way, I am pro-marriage so when anyone finds true love I am all for it.

              Hopefully, Eve has married for love. Because there is nothing like a huge house with an empty heart.

            • I see your point.
              I dont see the point in staying together for the image, like theyre on a cereal box..

              It was obvious to me there is a disconnect in that marriage.

              I cant find the post someone replied to me but..

              The look Jay had when she said “my beloved”, it must be an inside term she uses .. he had no expression. It means nothing to me, but it sure meant something to him

              TPTB are the powers that be. You know, the ‘Nati & ’em…

        • I totally agree with you. these white supremacists hate to see black people achieve success

  2. Bey and Jay… Power Couple? She knew the deep waters she was diving in. Tried to be “Unbreakable” like Alicia Keys said a time ago. Who can say that she was not creepin’ behind enemy lines. Women yappin’ about her bodyguard… Julius. The swinging rumors, Bey sleeping with her dancers, etc. Being honest, i’m disappointed that neither could salvage the marriage… As The World Burns!

    • black love is joke in Hollywood thought their so called marriage was real but is fake

      • You don’t know that. All marriages have troubles. Theirs is no different. Few people stay together over 12 years in a “set up” relationship. I can only think of Kelly and John Traavolta, and those who know them say that they truly love each other,
        just not in a sexual way.




        • Couples create an environment to suit their needs. Travolta swings both ways. Kelly knows this, still married and so forth. Her comfort level is good to her, she has no incentive to vacate…Bottomline!

    • people will fall for anything I swear…..Beyonce will announce her pregnancy on this show just like she did a few years ago and Jay will be right by her side..remember where you read this

      • That’s what I thought too. I’m glad we all were wrong Jay was there with the baby. I hope they stay married forever. Black Love is beautiful and a untied black family is heaven sent in the age of broken homes and baby daddies.

        • We were watching 2 different shows..
          She BARELY wanted to acknowledge Jay. She avoided his kiss and called him “my beloved” .. his face was priceless.
          Her acting is terrible. Fake tears.
          Thay award was her official sendoff. TPTB are after her.. putting her marriage on blast and telling her its time to step on down.

          • What’s wrong with the term beloved??? Am I missing something bc I see absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s a term if endearment am I wrong? And what in the world is tptb???

            • Oh here it is!
              TPTB.. the powers that be. You know, the ‘Nati & ’em.

              Idk what “my beloved” means to them, but it must have meant something. Jay was totally expressionless when Bey said it. He knows what it means. His face said it all.

  3. What’s Good Sis! Hollywood is occupied with sheep, nobody wants to be a leader. Of course, there are brothas in the industry that rep for Black Love… Denzel Washington, Laurence Fishburne, Don Cheadle, Courtney Vance,, Charles S. Dutton, Steve Harvey, Omar Epps, Forrest Whitaker, just to name a few. In the past, i would have said that hollywood is against brothas loving their reflection. Today, they lack that type of power. Sistas are a beautiful creation, no reason to not love them. The one thing i’ve respected about whitemen in entertainment, they understand and appreciate the concept of racial loyalty. Their women come first, it projects strength to other men. Us as blackmen should feel the same way. Beyonce gotta do what’s best for her, regardless of what Jay is doing. I have issues with Jay about this and that, but i don’t think he’s a bad dude like that… Misguided Yes! We’ll see what happens… Bless!

    • Forrest Whitaker and Don Cheadle are both sellouts Forrest married a white women

      • Forrest Whitaker’s wife is black. Don Cheadle’s wife is of a mixed race like Haley and our President. These appear to be two very decent men with good solid families.

      • Forrest Whitaker a good brotha… He Official! Marriage is strong, in love with a Sista. Don Cheadle is married to a Creole(Mixed) Woman. I have a love/hate relationship with mixed women on this blog… No Secret! Love the cola girls, chocolate girls, caramel girls, etc. If they got love, i can’t hate them like that. I hate the cooning just as much. More brothas should support and speak on it. It’s not about having malice towards other women. I respect all women, but love only one…Sistas! Bey and Jay compliment each other, it’s a good look. I’m rooting for them to make it. Let’s keep our fingers crossed… It’s Real!

        • Tyrone, I know you’ll probably never see this but I wish you wouldn’t refer to creoles as mixed. All black folk in American are mixed to some degree even if it’s just a single ancestor many many years ago. Creoles are black. Period.
          Mixed and biracial are not the same thing. There hasn’t been a white person in my family tree for 200 years. Now, if you dislike creoles because they tend to marry each other and thus stay light, that’s another thing all together. But just as Ms Tina did, not all of us marry other creoles in an effort to maintain creole “purity.” We do not all have a “light is right” mindset. So, it seems unnecessarily unkind to throw us into the same category as those who are biracial. Do you look down on Allen Toussaint, Gen Russell Honore, Denise Nicholas, or The Neville Brothers? Do you consider them no to be part of the black race?

      • A Bullet Train To The Abyss! If both of them are swinging with Gwyneth Paltrow on the low low… 0+0=0 I don’t know,, temptation isl around every corner. Rhianna was the last straw, too close to home.

  4. If they really are splitting up, then Solange’s flip out in the elevator was not just due to the booze…

  5. FOH. They suppose to give ALL of her nominations to ASHANTI. and any body that calls another human being a ”sheep” obviously worships the devil. omfg

    • Sorry, but you have to have the right “goods” to win over the sort of following Beyonce has. While I am not a fan of either of them, Ashanti does not have the all around star quality and charisma to gain the sort of mainstream stardom Beyonce has. Regardless of how folks here feel about her, no one can deny that the woman is a born star. You cannot engender the level of envy, hate, love and fascination she has unless you are at the top of your game.
      It’s like Kim K. She is the top of her particular game…not a game that is terribly respected, but she is at the top of it nevertheless.

      • I’m sure you have something valid to say, but it’s impossible to read your writing with that punctuation. It’s headache inducing and very rough on the eyes.

      • I ask this question in the most respectful way: can you type this in regular speech, as in without all of the caps and the quotation marks and parentheses?

        • Hi Sis! I read all your new messages and thank you for your effort to make it easier for all of us to read — much better now! I thank Him for your praise, it did my spirit man good! I think there’s quite a few believers on HSK and that’s why I read the comments. Not for the gossip trash talking, but for the comments of the people who can see and call out what we’re all looking at in this culture.




    • Chris She is getting the most prestigious award MTV gives: The Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. They had to give it to her in order to get her to perform I’m sure.
      What I want to know is, now that the NFL has announced that they are going to charge performers to put on their Super Bowl halftime shows, will Bey do a repeat performance?

      • I noticed that MTV has 86’ed the name Michael Jackson from their most prestigious award that Bey received. They are now calling it The MTV Vanguard Award.
        I guess that makes it official. MJ is officially out of favor posthumously. Meh. I can see why. They don’t want to end up with an award dedicated to a man perpetually shrouded in kiddie sex controversy no matter how large a part he played in building their format in the 80’s.

        • Good point, but it was still called the MJ award during and after the scandal no? Notice Jay called her the Greatest entertainer Alive when he gave her the award?

          • Yep. And to be completely honest, he might be right. With James Brown dead, and so many other great entertainers gone, I can’t think of anyone off the top of my head who puts more into a show than Bey. This is not the same thing as saying she’s the best singer or dancer… we all know that individually many do it better. But as a headliner, she probably is at the top.
            I thought Blue looked adorable–the best ever. And she is definitely blooming into a pretty little girl. I now believe that Bey’s afro-creole DNA is going to mellow and blur some of her more camel-ish DNA and all will be well. For a while there, I wasn’t so sure.
            Sorry to be so blunt, but we all had our doubts. 🙂

  7. Don’t be so quick – Jay and Blue were @ Beyoncé’s closed door rehearsal for VMA (the only ones allowed in). Supposedly they are presenting her with the award.

    With that said, I believe Beyoncé and Jay Z have been quietly separated for the past 6 months or so – ever since the drunken fiasco in Antwerp. Jay Z has left her no alternative but to at the very least publicly separate from him. The alternative sexual life style that Jay Z created while she was on tour may lead to a divorce. Ew-w-w-w

  8. it was rumored beyonce is pregnant again or her surrogate is pregnant again.

    guess she wants to make this last strike before she lets loose and become a single lady again.

    jay and bey was a mismatched couple anyway you know shewas there for the benefits.

  9. I’m going to give a educated guess and say that the hollywood mafia wants to get rid of Jay-Z and keep baphomet Beyonce. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. I believe Jay-Z is on his way out. I believe the mafia may even take him out.

    P.S. Rest in peace Kathy White!

    • Hey, I get your message and all, and I agree with a good percent of it, now with that said, I must say that it has to take an enormous about of time to type in that format, it’s not helping your comment at all, its hard on the eyes, so most wont even bother reading, just post in regular characters and your comments will make more sense to others. Think of your comment being read out loud, how would that sound?

      • @414 Nevermind what some have to say about ur post sis
        I actually read threw all of ur text and could understand where and what ur struggle has brought u to at this point
        And u made me smile endlessly to see a true believer unafraid to express her love for the most high unapologectically and uve actually help increase my own faith from reading ur testimony and being able to relate to it in such a unexplainable way
        May you continue to walk in his peace and love and i do pray for ur strength daily as i couldnt imagine what it must have felt like to endure the passing of ur son but your faith is not in vain for u will see him again becz of the covenant u have with God (I have a four yr old son myself so my prayers are with u for ur day to day activities) and thank u again so much for ur post u might not ever meet me in this flesh but my soul was happy to know that there are children of the king that are truly living and trying to live for christ. peace joy and many blessings from the father above to u and others who read this as well
        Please dont change who u are for the comfort of others!!! Keep writing the way u do

  10. I believe this entire story about them divorcing is a hoax to keep people streaming for them and of course to make money because they know the media will blow this up and the followers will follow. It’s all a game and while people are hating n wishing bad ills on them, guess what they are laughing all the way to the bank.

  11. The incubation up Beyuck ass from this generation is COMPLETELY halarious!!! Thankfully, the last time I watched the VMA’s creditable talent (from ALL genres) meant something& was entertaining! Now, its like row- call at Hell University with Beyuck as salutatorian(more like scumatarian!) I would watch a vomit- guzzling contest before would watch that show again!

  12. Jay-Z will be by hhit wife side … they not going let the rumors/blogs win …. it’s a rumor a lady saying blue ivy could be her child because that fishy situation shutting down the hospital hmmmmmm drama well continue …….

  13. Mayweather was caught on tape not knowing how to read. I wonder if Beyonce would have the same trouble reading?

    • Yes. And Bets above^^^^^ called it exactly as to the presentation.
      I don’t think they’re breaking up at all. At least, no time soon.

  14. and some people don’t get why y’all lick the burlesque stripper fake ass. does the bitch pay your mortgage or rent. no ass lickers pay that bitch rent. get a clue then wake the f*ck up. real talk.

    • Standing. MFing. Ovation. Jacky should shut this thread down for any further comments.

  15. black women have been reduced to strippers with pole fake hair fake titties fake asses and lets not forget the colored contact lens. bumping, humping and grinding as sex objects all for money, you have no shame, you music shouldn’t be called music it’s garbage and trashy. most strippers leave they kids at home. but i see you don’t have a problem with that. you getting paid right. those bitches aren’t to be praised nor worshiped, they are setting women back thousands of years, all for money.

  16. I hope they keep it o’l school and stay together. I’m sick of the new generation “do away with marriage” thinking! Always running and searching for the next temporary high. I’m annoyed when I hear couples divorcing because their not happy! Emotions go up and down, so if you are rooted by them, you are doomed anywho. Being happy is a choice and so is making your marriage work. I personally feel divorce should never be an option.

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