Ex Destiny’s Child Member Exposes Beyonce’s Plastic Surgery Past

beyonce nose job

One of the former members of Destiny’s Child who was discarded by Beyonce is writing a tell all book which reveals the singer’s plastic surgeries.

Farrah Franklin came onto Destiny’s Child back in 2000 after they had fired LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett.  Michelle Williams came aboard the same time as Franklin – this is back when they were a four-woman group.

beyonce plastic surgery

Not lasting long, Farrah was ousted from the group, but now the 34 year old is spilling the tea on Bey.  Franklin is releasing a book, and in the tell-all she details how Beyonce a lot of plastic surgeries including breast implants, and a nose job.

She also says that Queen Bey’s early claims of keeping her virginity were false.

This former member of an A+ list singing group who is really bitter at being fired is getting back at the A+ lister who was the leader. She is writing a book discussing not only the virginity claims of the singer but also talks about the multiple breast implant surgeries and nose job procedure and a bunch of other things that the A+ lister would not want discussed in public.

Farrah Franklin/Destiny’s Child


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  3. Farrah learned that dc was all about beyonce that was the rule in dc beyonce beyonce beyonce as long as matthew knowles was the manager and had his family and money backing him it was all about beyonce

    • Farrah was kicked out of Destiny Child for two reasons; one, she can't sing, two, she was just as pretty as Beyonce.

  4. Imma need her to move on. It's been 15 years. Tbh, none of that matters especially when plastic surgeries and enhancements are basicallya job requirement in the entertainment industry.

    • Including BM just look at LL Cool J, Luda, Bow, etc all those men had nose jobs and bleach.

  5. Although she's bitter, I believe it. Most of these female entertainers had work done. It's always the nose.

  6. unfortunately, there is no difference…and she must have gotten the surgery when she was a little girl cause she looks exactly the same as she did when she was a baby

    • Take off your cap. I not no beef with Beyonce but she's been cut numerous times just like all major stars period from black white asian plastic surgery is what they do.

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  8. Who cares? she was gorgeous before, and she's gorgeous now. We're not talking about some shit from "The Swan."

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  10. I guarantee you this book will not get published. Similar to the book "You will never spa in this town again", Farrah Franklin's project will be blacklisted. Correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't Beyonce still need a blood sacrifice? Farrah Franklin just may be sacrificed!

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