Beyonce Diva Demands Get Her Dropped from “A Star is Born”?

beyonce bradley cooper a star is born

Bradley Cooper really wanted Beyonce to appear in his directing debut of “A Star Is Born,” but the diva songstress’s demands may have cost her the role.

According to Page Six, it’s likely Bey won’t be involved in the production. She was set to play the lead role, but she was demanding way to much money from the production studio.

Beyoncé wanted too much money, and Warner Bros. balked at her price. The production budget was also said to be an issue with the studio, so the project has fallen apart.

This project is something Bradley has been involved with for a long time. It has gone on the back burner, but he’s still working on it, among other projects.

Do you think Bey should be able to demand top dollars for acting roles? I mean, we’ve all seen her acting skills…


    • Key Word "White Actors", Beyoncé no matter what race she is can't act. Some people believe she can sing and I'll let her have that ( I can't sing so I have no right to know her by a loooong shot) but lord I think anyone can act better than her. That's like one of the Clowns on Love and Hip Hop wanting to get Paid what Viola Davis gets paid for How to get away with Murder. Not gonna happen!

  1. If he feeds her ego it can be done hell Diana Ross demanded more money than her supreme members to tour with them.again bet thinks she's Cleopatra anyway

  2. This bish can't act that's why Jennifer Hudson won the Oscar for Dream Girls.

  3. Beyawnce can't sing, dance, act, or dress. She is illterate. I never understood the hype behind this chick. She's average.

    • I would love to see Beyonce read the book, "Post Tramatic Slave Syndrome" by Dr. Joy Degruy. I wonder who can read better, Beyonce or Floyd Mayweather?

    • she can dance but she hasnt sang the same since destiny's child…the dressing is average. illiterate? no just quiet virgo.

  4. Beyonce is nothing but a overpaid, over hyped stripper with a expensive wig. Her singing is average, her dancing is good, but her acting is down right despicable. Beyonce's terrible acting is similar to those white bimbos on Baywatch! I keep saying to you guys the worse thing to happen to that girl was Jay-Z. She could have been hollywood's biggest triple threat, but she chose to be a pawn to a camel looking rapper who steals rhymes from Biggie! I don't give a f*ck!

  5. Well, as usual, I am late to the party. Just watched the Formation video. She looks drugged and possessed to me. Although the video was well done, I was quite unsettled by that video.

  6. Comment:
    I wonder why Clint Eastwood dropped out of directing this remake ? This movie has been on the back burner since 2011. At any rate I'm glad she wont be appearing in the movie, I don't think she has the acting chops or vocal skills to bring any depth to the role of Esther. I never saw the original movie, but the remake with Barbara Streisand was exceptional. They need to find someone who can truly deliver a great performance for this remake.

    • Yep Nan I am with you all the way on that.

      But whoever gets the part, if they do a great job, it could be a career making role. Before the remake, Streisand was more of a Broadway style singer/actress. After ASIB, she started getting all kinds of movie roles and continued for the next 10 years.

    • 22 years of fame and fortune in show biz is a pretty darn good run. Most are lucky to get HALF of that. Think Sade, Jodi Whatley, Toni Braxton, Monica and 100 others.

      Young girls who buy music like you stars. NO 40 year old is going to sell to the young demographic. Madonna couldn't do it, Mimi couldn't do it.
      Beyonce has had a good run and those managing her money have made her rich enough for the rest of her life.

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