Judge Rips Beyonce’s Dad For Not Paying Child Support To Mistress

beyonce dad child support

Beyonce’s scandalous father was put in his place by a judge after trying to give his mistress “hush” money for the baby they had together.

Back in 2009, when he was still married to Beyonce’s mom, Tina, Mathew Knowles tried to give Taqoya Branscomb $225,000 when she was pregnant with their baby.  The child, Koi, was born in 2010, and ever since Branscomb has been battling it out with Beyonce’s dad and former manager.

The judge didn’t take too kindly to Knowles ducking his child support and trying to buy it off: “Mr. Knowles knew of his paternity in September 2009 and clearly sought to avoid the establishment of a support obligation based primarily on the tolling agreement and the payment of monies pursuant to said agreement, which the court can only reasonably conclude was hush money.”

beyonce dad child support 2

Ruling in favor of the mother, the judge ordered Knowles to pay $70,822 in back child support, and he will also have to fork over $1,496 a month in payments in addition to paying for Koi’s health insurance, and Branscomb’s legal fees.

beyonce dad child support 3

Knowles’ defense was that he shouldn’t have to pay back child support because he already gave the mother the $225k, plus she originally told him she was going to have an abortion.  The judge wasn’t buying any of that and came back at Mathew.

“The court notes that Mr. Knowles has zero interest, and in this court’s consideration on the evidence, zero capability of being a positive role model in the child’s life.”


  1. He wanna be a sugar daddy he gets to have the money to back it up a lesson to all these old men who chase young p*ssy why you think these girls wanted Matthews old ass now she paid hit the jackpot since Matthew still gets paid off the destiny's childvfranchise

  2. I feel bad for the child in the middle, but not the woman who knowingly messed around with and gotten herself pregnant by a married man. And the man who knowingly cheated on his wife on purpose, I don't feel bad he got chewed out by the judge for sweeping the child under a rug.

  3. That little girl is going to be a knock out by age 15. I'm betting that as soon as Matthew realizes that, he will suddenly man up as a daddy. He can monetize her as a product just like he did Beyonce.

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