Bette Midler Is Happy Joe Jackson Is Dead!

bette midler joe jackson

Music legend and actress Bette Midler took to her Twitter to celebrate the death of Joe Jackson.

Here’s what the entertainer tweeted:

bette midler joe jackson

Did she cross the line? And how soon before Prince Jackson claps back?


  1. Alright Bette girl, now Prince Michael done warned ya’ll fools about talking restless on his PopPop.

    • Please, them kids are probably closer in relation to bette middler than any of the jacksons anyway. Thats probably they aunt.

        • Bette has been around for a while. She probably knows about Joe Jackson offering his children to pedophiles and allowing them to be anally sodomized. When you sell your own children your soul left your body long before you died.

          • Maybe so, but that KKKasper KaveBitch has no place to talk. She walked the same “velvet” carpets to get the fame she’s got!

  2. Let me tell all of you something, the day we stop caring about what white people think is the day we will take a giant step towards achieving true freedom. I don’t give a fuck what this old white bitch thinks and neither should you!

    • Since you love pedophile so much you should watch the youtube documentaries on how Pakistan and Afghanistan men are drugging and raping young orphan boys because Islam won’t allow them near women until they marry. Now the sick creeps in America.

      • Yeah, thats effed up. I watched a movie a while back called ‘The Kite Runner’ a very touching story about the sad reality of atrocious acts commited by men.

        Its condoned not just there but all over the world…Lord have mercy, its hard enough just being orphaned smh…

      • You said “Now the sick creeps in America “

        Are you kidding me? You should smack yourself for expressing something so stupid. America was built on behavior like this. Or has society forgotten about the enslavement and torture of black peoples by the hands of white peoples. Oh no they haven’t forgotten especially when there is a new movie every year to remind us. Or better yet how about all the many statues of barbaric men or the many holidays we celebrate based on those barbaric practices. How about something as simple as money. A daily reminder of the men who founded a country on lies and barbaric practices. With all this said I am just thinking Joe Jackson is very micro compared to the magnitude of crimes that white peoples have committed that we people of color have been forced to participate in.

        • Paper $ is a scammm.

          Do your own research on what is going on with centralbanks, if you don’t know… since they won’t let me post the truth here.

          • You are correct, Anon. Caucasian culture is CRIMINALITY. Caucasian privilege is CRIMINAL AUTHORITY.

            At the core of RECESSIVE Asian (straight-haired Mongoloid and Caucasoid)cellular frequencies is the MIND of a criminal pathologist.

            Commercial paper facilitate fraud, genocide and theft. Crime creates perpetual wealth for recessive-coded Asians. Crime is VERY profitable and provides genetic security for ape-hybrid cave-dwelling descendants. Without corruption, RECESSIVE Asians are WEAK! It’s due to limitations within their gene code. They are parasitic and exploitative to survive.

      • @Dominica – Those Caucasoid males are natural non-heterosexuals and explore all their sexual fetishes with people and creatures. It’s encoded in their defective genes.

  3. Hmmmmm…very telling
    Quoting greek mythlogy, Cronus anyone??? And throwing in Qunicy Jone’s name in the mix, is she trying to tell us something.

    Better be quite Bette, remember what happened to Joan.


  4. Well needless to say she knows more than any body knows, she also knows Quincy Brown can’t keep a

  5. Whites secretly serve pagan gods Cronus, Saturn, Satan same god really

    Gerald once said that Bette middler was a hardcore nympho and drug fiend

  6. Why is it her place to comment? Her time will come one day also. damn! WS always want to point out isht about black folks but choose to deny and ignore their own isht.

    • Yup, that’s the epitome of the devil. But if the devil told you who he/she was, you’d know to always be on guard. I think it’s a sinister “chip” in them. They have a fail-safe that keeps them from self destructing, that Self Denial.

  7. I don’t agree with joe’s antics but damn wtf did he do to her! ? Wishing death on someone and rejoicing over someone’s death is a fucked up thing to do.

  8. Wait… so on a site where people come looking for spilled tea, this woman just spilled half of the fresh pot; and the only thing many can say is race race race. She just opened your eyes to some type of child molestation acusation and u call her out for being white. A OG in show biz who is old whos giving u insite and u make it racist??? Man grown the fuck up already. ONE LOVE. fuck nah, just hate. Wake the fuck up already. Or if u hate that much than skip the story as soon as u see the name. Wtf wrong with some of u. And getsome new material also. I see the same comments every time for the same people.

    • First of all bitch ass nobody hating on this cave bitch. Itbher business or anybody to say what’s a person done. Thats facts. You don’t nobody worrying about who you busting up. She ain’t shit but washed up coke head who wanna talk shit about a Black man. Whem she others her color done worse. We got Joe over here. Y’all take care all those pervert incest faggots and degenerate lesbians on that side. Get it got it good. Faggot ass.

    • @ 13:10 Insite! she just gave bs innuendo like most fake azz hlywd entertainers,if she has something to say say it,or maybe she has a few perverted skeletons in her closet as well,they will prob come out when she kick the bucket,lastly if you have issues with the comments,solution don’t come in here..peace out

  9. Could you imagine if a black person said thank goodness joan collins is dead? or any other white person

  10. Never be happy when anyone passes away. I just lost my respect for this woman.

    • If they lived right they are in a better place, so you should be happy for them…

      If they were assholes they are getting exactly what they deserve.

  11. Typical Wh!.te Dev.!L Behavior !!! White Supremecy = White Insanity !!! Genesis 25:25, Genesis 27:27

  12. Wow, old hag knows something. Spill the Tea Bette Fiddler!!! Of course the devil rejoices at the Original man and Original woman’s demise. Our hell is their heaven. She just thinks that she has some moral platform to say it out in the open. She thinks that many of us will agree with her. Well I rejoice when each of those devils gets evicted off of OUR home planet. Our heaven is their hell. So I wish ALL original men and Original woman much Health, Wealth and Success!!

      • Well… Technically, to know how karma truly works – is to know that all the Jacksons souls agreed to come in and play the exact roles they’ve played. All of this was agreed to before ones birth. Like it, believe it, accept it or not… We are all on the wheel of 84 until we are not.

        • Interesting now what did u agree to come here to do j, I am us wondering not judging ,I want to know if u know ur purpose ,I heard this before …..

          • Absolutely! I am on my path very strongly these days. REmembering my “quantum data” and growing through levels that are allowing me to be just about ready to serve the good of HUEman and HUEwoman.
            How about you?

        • I know, how life works…. although many never believe we choose our lives before we get here, it does not mean everything is fated though…we still have free will as human beings.

          • I’m impressed. Thank you for sharing… You might be shocked to find out about “free will” a little later on in the “game”. But yeah, we all chose. It’s a hard truth, but the birthing process causing the “forgetting” has much to do with the masses not accepting that.

            • I won’t be shocked, we all have choices to make…if we didn’t there would be no reason to be here.

          • WE choose our lives before we get here? How so? I’m confused could you help me to understand?

  13. The world will rejoice when these devil worshippers kick the bucket, including the one talking. You all sold your souls for a few bucks. You all think you are more pious that the other. You are not. All satan worshippers in hollywood. Disregard them.

  14. Damn I must have missed her rejoicing over all the other quote bad people who passed away. Unless Mr. Jackson was the only quote undesirable to ever die.
    The wicked witch should have kept that to herself. Uncalled for and unneeded. And that happened so long ago . The devil always brings up your past mistakes.

  15. I wish death on all those unnatural mutation of indigenous African Women , so her ugly ass need to die too, her and everyone in her bloodline… .And I call judgement on all those cave dwellers ,off with they motherfucking head ….that bitch did have done way more than him her and her fucking ancestors .Bitch how dare u and I bet his coward ass kids ain’t gone check this hoe either ….Our people ain’t dead they Sleep

    • Lol, dang I didnt know she had bathtub problems too then she better really shut ‘thee’ hell up!!!

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