Beats By Dre ‘Made In China’ For Five-Bucks!

Beats by Dre a Ripoff

Brand It and They’ll Buy It!

HSK Exclusive – Dr Dre is making more money from his Beatz By Dre than he ever did from his actual beats! Know why? A pair of Dre’s headsets go for an average of $300, but they each cost under $5-bucks to manufacture in China!

Here’s how the numbers add up … With Dre reported to rack in 64% of each unit sold, Dr Dre would pocket about $188.00 of your $300 spent on his headset trend.

“Just a few years ago, spending $300 on headphones was something only a handful of artists, music producers, and audiophiles would even consider. But that was before a hip-hop legend got involved.”

Here’s the drop:

“Dre is making so much money off headphones making music is secondary.

This headphone craze is like the 80’s Walkman craze … and when it’s over Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine will be the only winners.”


  1. It’s not a black thing or white thing! The human race in a whole needs to wake the fk up and realize if we want things in life we need to think logically. Over high prices sneakers and other items I’d not the answer to happiness. The bottom line is, think in moderation in everything you choose! Stop wasting your time and money on senseless items. If everyone would think that this is their last day on earth. They would think different.they would,I hope cater to their love ones, friends and others that are in need and share what they have.that’s truly living!

  2. Ha your all blind to the big picture. Every time u buy something made in China u are killing your own country. Stupid Americans why are u so ignorant.

  3. WOW…it can’t be any less obvious that you have SOME KIND of vested interest in B&O no normal customer would say the things you’ve said in your past few replies…gtfohwtbs ya damn shill…if there is anything more degrading to a company is when a spokesman to said company acts like a consumer…..i will never visit their site just because of the tactics you’ve used…

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