Sundy Carter: Exposed as a Snitch & Home-Wrecker

A Basketball Wife Blackballer?

HSK Exclusive – ‘Basketball Whores LA’ could be a better suited title for VH1’s ‘Basketball Wives LA’ – as reality television producers appear to be upping the ante when it comes to the dirt surrounding the newest additions to their BBWLA roster.

You may remember just last week, we told you about BBWLA’s Brooke Bailey’s reported home-wrecking antics – after insiders exposed Bailey as the side chick who came between Rashard Lewis and his fiance/mother of his two children, Giovanna Fortes.

Now, sources say yet another home-wrecker is set to be introduced to BBWLA’s audience.

Not only is 37-year-old Sundy Carter described by one source as “a no good, gold-diggin’ whore that don’t give a f*#k”, but the model/aspiring actress is also being outed as a woman who intentionally became pregnant with one married former Cleveland Cavalier’s child – before giving birth to the baller’s illegitimate daughter, Kennedy.

We’re talking about professional shooting guard, Larry Hughes – who Sundy Carter is reported to have lived a longtime extramarital affair with. Don’t believe me.. Ask Draya Michelle.

Here’s what a source had to say:

“The little girl was born July 2007 and Hughes denied her at first, but after Sundy sought legal counsel and forced a paternity test, he was proven to be Kennedy’s father. His wife continues to believe that Larry is not Kennedy’s father, DESPITE the paternity test and the obvious resemblance.”

But Hughes’ wife, Carrie, isn’t the only enemy Carter has made as a result of her reported whoring antics. One film director – who once served three-years behind bars for a drug conviction – is outing Sundy Carter as a police informant. This after Carter appears to have aimed at manipulating the movie-maker, in hopes she’d make it to the silver screen.

Here’s what Philadelphia film director Zack Williams had to say about Sundy Carter:

“You got the hoe that sleeps with you – not because she likes you, but because she likes the situation you’re in. She [Sundy Carter] done put a lot of people in crazy situations like this. There’s people are in jail because of her.

You know, she’s a rat. Sundy Carter is a snitch!

And though Carter may come from a city which boasts “Brotherly Love”, love is something the noted ‘snitch’ and exposed ‘home-wrecker’ seems to have left behind in Philadelphia – when the aspiring actress packed up and headed for Hollywood. Insiders reveal that’s exactly why, despite her string of sexual celebrity conquests – including Nelly, Shaq, Carmelo Anthony, Hakim Warrick, Andre Johnson and Jermaine O’Neal – Carter often couldn’t pay her rent, leading to her a reported whopping total of ELEVEN Los Angeles evictions.

Here’s the drop:

“Sundy Carter just got a car, but she used to f*ck for buddy passes. She once begged the Game to buy her a purse, yet she claims to get $20K a month for child support for Kennedy. Kennedy doesn’t even live with her, she’s outta control.

If you’re looking to find Sundy Carter, she’s always at the Four Seasons or Beverly Hills hotel looking for white tricks.

Jacky, this bitch is cray – she stalks Larry Hughes’ wife on social networks, and she’s known for talking shit about other hoes. Sundy is disgusting – she’s known as an anal queen who has herpes.”


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