Azealia Banks Strips For Playboy


Azealia Banks announced that she’s set to strip off and grace the cover of this April’s issue of Playboy magazine.

Here’s what Azealia Banks revealed:

“I can finally tell you guys that I will be on the cover of Playboy’s April issue. Grace Jones and Naomi Campbell both did Playboy covers so you know I was like Hell Yeaaaaaa!”


  1. LOL this talentless, racist bitch can get no responses from the people she disses all the time n nobody is checkin for her music, so this seems like her next desperate attempt for exposure. How sad. She needs to take her weak ass to college n try somethin else out.

  2. Broke with Expensive Taste was slept on, guess she has to get in where she fits in.

  3. I use to like her she can rap but she’s just doing to much like u wanna be all black power but only like white men like I get it ppl like who they like but don’t come trying to be sista souljah and only date white men and talk about black men likewtf is that bitch sit down she could have been great but made a mockery of herself smh its sad

  4. Azealia..Azealia..Azealia…sighs! You can’t have one foot in black consciousness and one foot being a bed wench. I love your music (which is slept on), but I can’t support this bs no longer. Girl, get your *ish together asap!

    • I guess we’re all bed wenches here in California because the majority of us love outside our race;P

        • Her rap career aint shit so now she selling p*ssy. She should move to los Angeles, all the women sell p*ssy in los Angeles. …The worst ,shameless , scum to walk the face of the earth is in Los Angeles

          • You should know you’re selling and buying. Keep those commodities up bruh!

    • she wants more airplasy and recognition that’s why shes doing this she wants more attention and she learned time to show my ass and also she reps the lgbt community.

  5. I mean she go way out to try to represent tptb
    I thought they were suppose to come to you not other way around
    She so blatantly represent devil worshipping and still cant sell any records

  6. lol you guys dont get it. Her doing playboy is like mike tyson gettin the tattoo. It is a plea to the powers that be. She is ready to conform and shut her mouth. Watch her music take new direction if she does the playboy shoot. Playboy do not put any and everyone in their magazine.

    • She may be signalling TPTB that she’s ready, but I can tell you that after the statements she made about gay men, her ass is loathed by the power players. So, if she does suddenly take off, you can take that as an indicator of how influential the so called gay agenda is. They despise her.

        • I have no idea of her own sexual orientation, but she waged a one woman war on the gay male community this past November and her name is mud with most gay men now. She uses the word faggot a lot in her statements to the media, and they feel that’s akin to the n word. Also she states that “faggots are all misogynists” and they basically shit on women constantly. But again, all that controversy got her lots of attention which seems to be her plan for gaining fame.

          • Dam not only is this bytch crass she is a big dummy too
            I mean if the gays are running hollyweird and she is bisexual ,how is speaking against them going to help her career move forward?

    • This. I mean she’s repping that mk symbolism hard. Face mask (submission/Bondage). Kitty ears( sex kitten programming), pink and purple weave ( amathyst programming) leopard print ( beta programming). I mean damn. How can everyone not see this?

      • I always wondered what the pink wig was all about. Britney used to wear one and recently so did RiRi (when she had that Charlie Sheen altercation…). What is amethyst programming anyway?

        • It’s lower level ( but still elite) prostitution. Emerald ( think Rihanna, Paris Hilton) are much higher. Diamond ( Beyawnce, Marilyn Monroe are the highest. They service presidents and kings. It’s not just money you have to be of an extremely high rank to be allowed the services of a diamond). So Think of it like pledges to some sick sorority, the pinks would be the pledges.. The pink wig wearers are being subjected to torture, sexual violence and mind control. It’s also a signal to the men/ women that use these victims. Pink/ purple wig wearers are often not stable. Remember when britney shaved her head ? She said she did it because she was tired of everyone touching her. She just wanted the touching to stop. She was often seen therafter in her pink wig. Amanda Bynes, Kesha, Demi Levato, etc… all wore them around or during their breakdown / rehab stints. Sadly the parents are often but not always the handlers and are 100% in on it.

          • and all those rumors of Obama phukking beyonce and Jennifer Hudson.

            no wonder they are favorites.

            jay z never said nothing about these rumors.

            michelle showed a little jealousy she didn’t approve of oprah all the way but she had to let mother o endorse and rep the obamas.

            • Stop spreading rumors.. Damn is it that hard to believe that some women rally have talent that has opened doors for them..or is every woman’s success a result of who they f*cked?

          • Thank you anon 14:04. I forgot about the jewels that represent the levels. I found it odd that Beyonce had 10 million dollars worth of diamonds and emeralds on when she accepted her award. Now it makes sense.

          • I dont know a lot about it but I heard the reason why Britney shaved her hair was because most selected slaves in her caliber selection were mostly blonds and that was why she shaved her hair too. I think i read tha on vigilant citizen

  7. Azealia is underrated. She speaks the truth. I love the diss record of her going at Jim Jones. Harlem stand up!


  9. If she didn’t sell her soul then good for her because Nicki, Iggy, etc. are going to fall hard. She’s talented and a cute girl but it goes to show you the industry is very corrupt because how do you explain garbage artists like Nicki and Iggy being Grammy nominated and not Azealia.

    • How do you explain garbage artists like Nicki and Iggy being Grammy nominated…

      They move product and the Grammys are a business

      It’s really simple math. But they didn’t win did they?

    • nicki is on a popular rap label cash money and so yes she made it and iggy has ti backing her so yes they went the sex route you can find plenty of photos and videos of nicki being naked.

      how many times can nicki deny being a lesbian.

      please admit it for real and quit admitting you like girls one min ute then you like men.

      iggy’s a dyke too.

      azelia’s bisexual but she never worked with too many big name dudes and producers guess she wants to step up and give iggy a run for her money.

      if azaelia gets more spotlight then what happens to nicki and iggy somebody got to go.

  10. Let’s see the cover…at least she got a cover unlike other blk women just featured inside the mag…

  11. If Azealia didn’t compromise her coochie for handbags and weaves like Nicki than good. Nicki is washed up and people are fed up with her antics. We went from Salt n Pepa “push it” to Nicki’s “anaconda” such a disgrace. Thats why hip hop is dead.

    • and what you think push it was about sex.

      salt n pepa had their time but they played the sex route their song none of your business was all about promiscuous sex.

      plus their 3rd album was called blacks magic we know what that was about.

      nicki is just playing her role like salt jn pepa.

      she sampled baby got back another song about sex and big asses how many songs do we have about women’s asses.

      sex sells always has always will.

      • Salt and Pepa didn’t have their azz hanging out like today’s rappers. They also did a song called “Lets talk about sex”‘ encouraging people to use condoms and have safe sex.. don’t leave that fact out. Female rappers of more recent times have repped in a more sleazy way..Lets keep it real.

  12. Gosh this is embarrassing – she is no Grace or Naomi but I have a feeling that Cover and Magazine won’t sell a lot of issues.

    • In the world of make believe(the Industry)getting naked and on the cover of playboy is special to “them”.This Beta sex kitten is doing her initiation for the Elite.It’s normal wicked life to them .She is just beginning ……follow the yellow brick road dear.Your masters are waiting.

      • Yall are crazy as hell. I have a good friend who was Playmate of the Year. She was on two covers in 13 months. She married a rich dude in the music industry and lives a quiet life in Nashville. So don’t go talking like every woman who does this stuff is programmed by mysterious and covert ops in order to serve as sex kittens.

        • IKR! I am friends with some very wealthy and powerful people. Been to their houses and even stayed in one while he was away in Europe. Maybe I missed out on something secretive and mysterious but I haven’t seen anything close to these conspiracies in the last 10 yrs I’ve known them. And 2 of these guys are producers.

          • Well they (Elite) are not necessarily founding the conspiracy theories as the “Elite” are also part of a Secret Society – not all are a part of it but there are many that are party to it.

          • And you stated they were are “producers” as though that makes them exempt. How the f*ck do u think they got put on? Damn! Wake the f*ck up people!

          • I’m sorry but you gots to be lying. First of all ,I know a playmate of the year too. We are from the same town, she’s a year older and graduated with my sister, they were friends. Her marriage broke up behind her being playmate. Know why? She had to fuk Hef…and a few of his friends….some of the other house hoes….a few Arabs. You are so fulla shit. No one that knows Hef personally even bothers denying he’s a Pimp. And the producers are amongst the worst when it cones to the whole hierarchy of getting put on. They are the candy men, the big money so that whole…and two of them are producers got me like, Wtf?

          • I don’t care how loud you want to holler and stomp your feet. I have been very close to celebrities throughout my life because I grew up in a famous political family. I know you all are wrong about 90% of the crazy stuff you promote as the absolute truth here.

            There is plenty of crazy behavior which goes on among privileged and entitled celebrities, and most of it involves drug usage and older men seeking sex with much younger women.

            But the insane words printed as the absolute truth here regarding “programming”, rituals and sacrifices is just cyber-porn created for the bored and envious. And anyone who has actually lived in those circles would know that.

          • Why do the celebs refute it. Nah make stupid wanna be funny reactions like jim Carey. No in depth look at the illuminate thing as a whole. Cause thay got secretes, major ones.

          • LOL…no one is stomping or hollering, wannnabe palin. You keep claiming you are from a famous political family. Bullshit. No one who really mixes in those circles are unaware of the dark side. No one. So take your fake Kennedy ass and gtfoohwtbs.

          • LOL I guarantee you DO know of my family. My grandfather was a very famous well thought of black man and my uncle runs a major minority association. but that was a typical reaction from a hating kneegrow who doesn’t know his ass from his elbow and hates everyone.
            And what I said stands. I didn’t say there wasn’t a dark side. What I am saying is the dark side as described by the conspiracy nuts here is absurdly inaccurate. Sacrifices? Yeah, right. Satan? N8gga please.

          • Right. You are famous black and politically conscience….but the only way you can handle an opposing opinion is to resort to racial slurs like negro and nigger . And then you have the nerve to accuse someone else of being a hater. Truly pathetic. And not worth the time it would take to.explain to you why intelligent people can have conversations without having to stoop to that base level of nonsense. So I will just say, enjoy your money…it doesn’t seem to be making you very happy.

          • Ok, let me understand. You are black…and supposedly wellbred. Yet you go around calling people nigger when they see through your lies. Yeah right, imposter. Try again.

    • I think that is good thing that you desire more information. Whatever they have in store for blacks who are weak-minded is the same programming IMO they use on other weak-minded individuals. I’m not disputing nor confirming as with everything else – it’s up to individual choices of what you chose to believe. I believe half of it and question the other half.

      • @ Tony and @ Blank….black people generally are very hard to program. Same with hypnosis. Blacks are notorious for being deeply suspicious of handler/ control situations and that is why the recent push via the media and entertainment is focused on the very young. If we are not caught young programming simply won’t work on us or works only temporarily. This is not my opinion. ( Gooo gle : the c i
        a formula to create an undetectable mind control slave. It’s harder to find online now than it once was but its still out there.)
        This is why I’m suspicious of the Hollywood trend of adopting defenseless African toddlers . There is something sinister about it.

        • Blacks have definitely been in the forefront lately. However just like I stated above I don’t believe all of it. There are some out here who may adopt black children with a hidden agenda or then again because Black seems to be “IN” thing now but not all of them are. As far as blacks being programmed or not being programmed I’m sort of on the fence with my concept because while the Nikki’s Drakes and Puffy’s are clearly controlled IMO there are other black artist that are not. What I’m getting at is I don’t think the color of skin has anything to do with programming more so the amount of greed a person has to sell out or sell his/her soul to feed their greed.

    • Not all blacks are and to each their own and their beliefs – we all have a different path to reach our purpose in life – it’s as simple as that. Being gullible or not one still must continue on their own journey toward growth.

    • Agreed Megaton. People here are as gullible as it gets. Black folks may be hard to control, but they are very suggestible and susceptible to the conspiracy theorists. It’s because of the long standing distrust of The Man and other authority figures. Shit, I don’t trust The Man either, but when you start talking about the rituals, the sacrifices and all the Satanic stuff, that’s where you lose me. I have too much common sense and knowledge to know that even the highest in the government can’t get away with much these days with the internet and social media. It’s like with Cosby…there was a time when you could cover up stuff. But nowadays with so many snitches and leaks, NO ONE is exempt from being found out. Look at Brian Williams. You going to tell me that if the Illuminati was really in control they couldn’t have covered his lying ass?

      • No one says they could not have. They may not have wanted to. He has a daughter who is an actress . Like Cosby well placed celebs can be exposed when they won’t comply or get too full of themselves.
        I do not agree with you that black people are susceptible. You must not know many of us because starry eyed and gullible we are not. And I don’t agree with you about conspiracy theories. I think people use that term to belittle those who start connecting the dots. It’s easier to be condescending than use critical thinking. But I believe what I see. Most African-Americans have excellent discernment.

      • What benefit does connecting the dots do for you? Are you able to change anything because of it? Are you staging an uprising against the Elites? What is the f*cking point in the end game? Wouldn’t your time and brain power be better used on something within your power? THAT’S why all the conspiracy shit is a big black hole. It sucks the ambition and time from those who are wrapped up in it.
        But by all means, go ahead and spend lots of time reading up on all the rituals and sacrifices. Meanwhile I and other losers will be LIVING life and making it better for ourselves and our loved ones.

      • LOL….what kind of an argument is that????? You can’t do anything to change it so therefore just revert to being unaware of it? That’s ridiculous. And who spend lots of times reading up? You do realize that HSK is train time/ morning commute for most of us right? We could read mainstream bullshit or hear the truth being south in the comment section here. Our choice. So why are you so enraged and worried about it? What info gets exchanged in our community has nothing to do with the likes of you anyway.

      • That is total crap. There are many here who devote way too much time and energy in the fruitless exercise of deconstructing the perceived matrix. If you do it for a mild distraction, much like a game of sudoku, on the train, fine. But there is absolutely no point in using valuable brain power in an effort to control and understand something which is far too arcane for average simple people. And I love your typical classist put down. Just because I am not from the working class like you, you declare that “the likes of me” has no business in this online community. There is nothing sadder than one kneegrow who hates all those kneegrows who live a different life. Enjoy your train time reading hon, while I am enjoying breakfast at The St. Regis.

      • LOL…St Regis my ass and the only “kneegrow” here is your fake ass. For someone who’s supposed to be all 1%ish your ass trolls this blog like its your 9-5 so puhleez stop it with the fake floss shiz. Anyway who buys what you are selling deserves to have bad credit. But….its pretty obvi that you are full of lies so whatever.

    • You talking to me? LOL!
      Seriously though, do people really want to see this girl in Playboy? She’s not very attractive and she doesn’t have any silicone. Do people even buy playboy anymore?

  13. She did a show in australia, she wore next to nothing on stage. She is anti god. They will accept her and use her to get into your child brain via her music and style. She’s had heaps of symbolism in her videos. Let’s see if she catches on.

  14. Azealia isn’t bad compared to Nicki abd Iggy teaching girls that you need to have fake ass and tits to be successful. Azealia is the true definition of self love because she didn’t compromise her body in order to further herself in the music industry.

    • What do u mean she havent sold/compromised her body? This chick be sucking f*cking and any thing else just to be put on and to stay in the game

  15. f*ck iggy f*ck nicki them bytches are loose like loose cigarettes.
    azeala, she’s talking the f*cking truth, racist?? nah only white people can be racist
    black people can only be judgmental!!!

  16. Azealia is dating a older white man! she’s contradicting herself just like Angela Davis did
    she talks about black injustice but yet she’s getting dicked down by the same race she’s blaming

    that’s very hypocritical, you can’t serve 2 masters at the same damn time

    either your in or your not??!!

  17. Sad that negroes attack anybody and i mean anybody black that dares speak the truth about white supremacy/racism…negroes hated Malcolm till he was safe 10 years in his grave,,that same hankerchief head thinking can be found right here on many of the comments above this one…

    bunch of modern day hiphop sambos attacking this black girl if she wrong she still fearless bout hers…damn dummies

  18. This is what begging looks like. She wants in.
    Azealia Banks ‘YUNG RAPUNXEL’ on Vimeo

  19. U know if she got Solange taking up for her and defending her Azelia has “made it”

  20. Is posing nude in Playboy a means of gaining acceptance? Quite pathetic to be that thirsty for relevance and fame if you ask me. It kind of puts you on the level of the very ones you criticize.

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