Karl Malone Wants To Knock Out Kobe Bryant


Karl Malone vs. Kobe Bryant

Former NBA player Karl Malone and Kobe Bryant have been beefing for over a decade. Know why? Because Karl Malone made a pass at Kobe’s wife Vanessa, back in 2004.

Malone said in an interview that he’s willing to knuckle up to settle the beef with the Lakers shooting guard.

Here’s what The Mailman said:

“We had a little issue. I don’t hold grudges…I love Westerns. I’m old-school Western. Back in the day, when you had a beef, you didn’t go get guns and knives…we just go back in the back with no cameras and knuckle up. Get it over with.

It’s a standing offer. Look, I don’t want no trouble. I don’t have a problem. And people say whatever they want to say and that’s great. I’m 6-9, 272 [pounds] to be exact. I’m not hard to find. I don’t want no trouble. But if something got to go down, I’m not playing fair. If we got to get down, then we got to get down.

I’m a grown man. Kobe’s a grown man. And that’s how grown mans do it.”


  1. he’s a grown man pushing 60 and he wants to fight but he aint playing fair. i think he might be in the early stages of dementia.


    Did Karl Malone really say “And that’s how grown mans do it” or was this a grammatical hatchet job by the HSK staff?

    I’ll need to know THAT before I say another word…seriously!


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