Azealia Banks Slams Black Hollywood

azealia banks lionsgate movie

Azealia Banks just came for Black Hollywood and everyone who was involved in her new film, Love Beats Rhymes.

She takes shots at Common, Jill Scott, Lionsgate, and everyone else who didn’t defend her during her incident with Rza and Russel Crowe.
azealia banks slams movie


  1. Girl bye. She’s to damn hypocritical and crazy. One min she talk bad about black people then she trying to get in good with them. I use to love Azealia she’s very talented and can rap her ass off but she’s wasting her talent. No one will ever take this (witch) seriously.

  2. among all the celebrity grammar errors that we endure, give her credit for posting something legible and readable… which prompts me to ask… do witches use “spell” check???

  3. Ding Ding she finally gets it ……..They even hate themselve everyone is in fraternal orders and they are protecting the White Queen instead of the Black Queen ,atleast Azealia realizes everyone is ingenuine …….now learn how to love yourself and get ur memory back and Light them motherfuckers up Love and Light

  4. They want to continue recieving that bloody money so that why blacks won’t stand up to the Neandethals! Lol!

    • Neanderthals never existed. Pro blacks crazies always using the “science” of racist eugenecists ( Darwin , Galton) to justify their points.

      • LOL you’re an ostrich. I to you, evil doesn’t exist either. Cro-magnon, Neanderthal, Troglodyte, Demons, Jinn… I don’t give a fuck what you call them. Those mother fucking pink Neanderthal collective is NOT human. Funny how you say Neanderthals never existed and yet they have plenty of evidence of these SUB HUMAN motha fuckas in museums. I guess you missed the memo. Up until the early 1900s Webster’s Dictionary listed “Caucasian” as SUB HUMAN #FACT

  5. Right or Wrong… That Wrap It Up box is sounding off on her career right about it. Wrap that shit up, B.

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