Terry Crews Responds to Fan Who Calls Him a F*ggot

terry crews fan faggot 3

Actor Terry Crews gave the perfect response to a fan who called him a f*ggot just because he’s an alleged victim of Hollywood sexual predator, Adam Venit.

terry crews fan faggot 2

terry crews fan faggot

When this second Twitter user decided to jump in, Crews wasn’t done clapping back…

terry crews fan faggot 1

These “fans” need their accounts suspended for this mess.


  1. The mindset of the two people commenting are sadly, representative of the majority of Black men. How can we improve with men like this, guaranteed spawn of single mothers.

    • There wouldn’t be spawns of single women, if the man did his damn job..
      To help raise his sons and no going from woman to woman leaving babies behind and moving on with o
      Looking back. GTFOOH with than BS
      You ignorant fool

      • It’s funny how you said if the man did what he needed to do. He was only doing what he was taught blacks never had a fair chance in the old days if you were on welfare you had to hide microwaves and your man so psychologically what do you think that was doing?

  2. Never heard of any gay rumors about Terry Crews. It is a fact, Terry Crews wore the dress.

  3. Well, he’s in Hollywood which is a gay town. He is in the movies which are known for being rampantly gay. He has had some film roles which (if you listen to others in the biz) require you to beome ‘acquainted’ with the director …

    But I am not stirring. I have heard rumours that he is gay.

  4. Terry’s rich, has a bad (and supportive) wifey, and benches more than the dudes talking s***. Black nerds win again.

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