Azealia Banks Retires from the Rap Game

azealia banks quits rapping

Azealia Banks has announced plans to quit the rap game. The controversial artist says she’s tired of the rap scene, and she wants to shorten her name to just Azealia.

But get this, she won’t be leaving the music scene entirely. She wants to now market herself as a singer.

“I’ve done so much with rap, but only because it pays my bills,” _ Azealia Banks

That’s funny because I can’t name not one of her songs. Anyway, peep her announcement below:

azealia banks retires

Azealia is better known for her frequent Twitter rants and online beefs, so I doubt anyone will miss her presence in the rap game.

Bye, girl!


  1. God is GOOD. ?

    She was being a pest anyways, and not focusing on her music anyways.

  2. She a negrobedwench that only date dusty old whitemen and wonder why bm ain't
    down with her dumb ass off cause her career ain't went nowhere. Only liked two of her songs and that me being nice.I told y'all bed wenches time up.first riri now this.

    • Kanye/LilWayne are negro bed wenches/bucks that only date dusty old non black women and wonder why fly BW ain't down with their dumb ass off cause their career ain't went nowhere. Only liked two of their songs and that me being nice.I told y'all bed wenches time up.first Micheal Jordan and OJ Simpson now this — the Kanye's. ??


      • There ain't nothing like a fly bw.don't be fooled wm use y'all and dump y'all that's with yalls consent.where have u ever seen Wayne or kanye with old Becky's?

  3. What acting career? She underrated. Her music is better than garbage Nikki, Iggy, and these other rappers. She mixes techno, hip hop, r&b in her music. She reminds me if Missy Elliot. I've seen her interviews cute girl but needs mental help.

  4. She's another one who's going to end up dead if she doesn't get some serious help soon. Of course everyone will claim that the Illuminati killed her.

    Depression and mental illness is real.

  5. I like her songs true she's better musically than Niki minaj…but she lost points by dissing black men.intact after Kendrick, drake,future,schoolboyq,she next in my list.

  6. Who?

    The only banks I keep tabs on are the ones that are ripping the world off…

  7. She takin a break from the music industry to finish bleaching her skin then she gone come back lookin like a white woman under a new alias and a brandnew acting career. We ain't gone be able to tell who her ass is from Paula Deen to Donald Trump.

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