Azealia Banks Playboy Magazine Cover



  1. Alrighty then. By now ,most of us are familiar with MK Ultra mind control programming. This young woman appears to be for sale and in beta training. She has pink/ amathyst wig, animal print, her cat alter on her head ( in addition to sexual perversions, she is being exposed to witchcraft and mysticism)) . Her red boots symbolize her ability to disassociate ala Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. This means she will “forget” . Hand over the mouth means she won’t talk( we all know what a loudmouth this Girl is, or was,). Looks like with all her internet fight picking, she has been re programmed by her handlers.

      • Y’all are too funny! Whether any of that is true or not, it’s entertaining.

        But a lot of us like animal/jungle print clothes!!

        • Yeah for most of us, the animal print, or blue/purple/pink hair extensions are just fashion. But all those things together in the cover of a mag that sells sex is suspect.

          • Dude who posted this is right. It is mk ultra programming with the animal print symbolizing a sex kitten. It’s not only her but thousands of others who have done the same thing. That was the first thing that caught my eye was that. Go to vigilant citizen website and it explains it more. Dumb girl is being used with all that pro black stuff she said. At least go to the black porn magazines like Players with a spread.

        • Nah, I think that most people are not interested in cat print clothes, only hookers and freaks are. Those are the only people you see wearing them. They are always viewed as tacky and you cannot easily find anyone walking down any street wearing them, unless it is near a strip club or the ho stroll. While I am not sure of the ‘programming,’ there is seriously a correlation to this animal print and sex with celebs, given that too many take the same pics in the same type of scene…

      • Okay let me break it down for you in bit size pieces, actors, performers and entertainers have been a part of a group, clique or band since the beginning of time. Their job is to entertain kings, pharaohs, noblemen, chief’s czar’s royalty in other words the rich and powerful. They practice the craft in which they take on new personas (possession) for the sole purpose of entertaining these people by any means necessary, they have taken an oath to do so, think actors guild, and it’s a contract. A contract to practice witchcraft. Don’t be fooled, they know exactly what they are doing and what they signed up for. They are even awarded for their skills, think Grammy’s, VMA’s, etc. ALL ENTERTAINERS in the industry, ALL OF THEM. Get it? Got it? Good….

        “Witchcraft (also called witchery or spellcraft) broadly means the practice of, and belief in, magical skills and abilities that are able to be exercised individually, by designated social groups, or by persons with the necessary esoteric secret knowledge. Witchcraft is a complex concept that varies culturally and societally, therefore it is difficult to define with precision[1] and cross-cultural assumptions about the meaning or significance of the term should be applied with caution. Witchcraft often occupies a religious, divinatory, or medicinal role,[2] and is often present within societies and groups whosecultural framework includes a magical world view.[1] Although witchcraft can often share common ground with related concepts such as sorcery, the paranormal, magic, superstition, necromancy, possession, shamanism, healing, spiritualism,nature worship, and the occult, it is usually seen as distinct from these when examined by sociologists and anthropologists.”

        *quote taken from wiki p

        This cover is an invitation to give in to your lusts by some of the most corrupt forms out here, temptation at its finest. An interview with Dick Cheney? Please, you better do so “deep sea” research on this man. He puts the “e” in eggplant if you will by being surgically altered for the sole intent of inflicting pain and torture. Most “powerful”, HA! Yeah right, one of the most powerful warlocks that is. He is the epitome of evil.

        AB on the cover being ready to roar? There is a bible verse that explains that.

        “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.”

        The deep web you say? Go at your own risk, the surface web is strange and dark enough for me thank you very much.

        Look at that cover, really LOOK at it. It is everything that your eyes are telling you it is. Don’t deny what they are showing you.

        They are not playing, their time is getting short, and they are not hiding it anymore.


    • Have you ever been lead to do something sexual after watching videos with symbols she presenting in her photo? No. So please…

      • It’s not about making the public feel sexy. It’s about her being a pawn. By now this stuff is well known . I’m sort of over people pretending it doesn’t exist but that’s me. Do you. We are all entitled to our opinion.

    • WOw!! Amazing job! You hit the nail on the head!! I’m impressed! Keep hope alive!

      • AZ is a queen and this site is full of boon haters and ww lovers and Kanye stans total hypocrites who slobber over cave women and diss BW no matter what we do its never enough for a sell out boon!!

        • So called queen who is posing naked in a white man’s magazine. Ok I see where you are coming from.

  2. It’s pretty obvious that she is lampooning all the symbolism of the MK Ultra mind control thing. Kinda like Jay Z and Bey tried to do when they were fueling the rumors of their Illuminati involvement.
    If someone was truly involved in some sort of witchy business, they’d be a little more subtle and mysterious about it. The only thing she left out is her broomstick.

    • You must be talking about our resident witch Choco/ Tippie… Better known as Ms reg to some of you assholes !

      • I don’t find your comments funny. You have succeeded in driving away yet another good, well spoken poster out of your resentment of her. Ms Reg was a good person and she never did anything to hurt anyone. But go on and keep ridiculing those who actually have a good vocabulary with something to say. This place gets more and more ratchet every week. But that’s what you like, right?

        • Anonymous @ 20:44,

          Thank you for the love, care & concern, however, that jealous filth hasn’t driven me anywhere except to sheer laughter! Unlike her, I have a life OUTSIDE of posting bs on HSK. Real life takes priority over blogging for some of us just not for her because she has absolutely nothing better to do with herself coupled with the fact she wants a following. So, by all means, let that fool say whatever she chooses about me. She’s made me an HSK star with all her dramarama!

          Let us not forget…
          According to that wretched bottom feeder I’m Say Cheese, DR1, Black Anastacia, Miss Baylis, Crista, Raheim, TB, CB, you, Jacky Jasper, EddieLongsTragicHairPiece, I own & operate HSK & have the ability to delete comments a will. ^^^THIS^^^ alone let’s us all know she’s a complete nut case. If I had all that kind of power & control over the site wouldn’t I have gotten rid of her ghetto ass long before now?…Just Saying!!!

          Thanks again… 😉

    • I don’t think being dressed like that on the cover of Playboy is a joke. She’s not parodying a MK victim, she likely is one. She often wears satanic horns too. Her handlers want certain people to know she’s available for ” private bookings”.

  3. This is so obvious right here. The symbolism is so, blatant and that she’s a mk ultra beta sex kitten.

  4. The A in her name looks like that free masonry symbol. And they made sure she has the three 6 coded in her name. Look at the e and the a in her name. As satanic as they wanna be. Are they even.bothering to hide it anymore? I’m beginning to think NOT.

  5. Wow I’m not a tin foiler and I can even see the symbolism in that photo. SMH some people will do anything for fame. She now has no room to talk smack about anyone else in entertainment, and when did she become the queen of hip hop?

  6. She looks awful. Nothing looks nice or pretty. It’s like the purposely made her look like a fool. All those cover pics of beautiful photoshopped women and that’s the best they could do with AB?

  7. that is mk ultra sex kitten program meaning she’s a sex slaves for the eiltes and powerful people in the industry and these women and men under this programming are given as hookers when they go overseas. note( did you know parents who sell their kids to the industry know that their kids are under this programming like aaliyah, brandy, michael jackson, raven symone, etc) sad isn’t. buy the way illuminati means enlighten ones meaning they see what others can’t see. that what the black boule, rockfellers, builderbergs, rothchilds, call themselves. these are the people that celebs, athletes, etc work for and most are 33rd degree freemasons “TIN HAT” signing off

  8. At least one thing is for sure she’s a 100 percent natural. No fake titties and butts like Nicki and Iggy. She might not have much but she’s working with what the good lord gave her.

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