Azealia Banks Says Coldplay’s Manager Abused Her for Years

dave holmes azealia banks

Azealia Banks revealed that her former lover, Dave Holmes who manages the rock group Coldplay, assaulted her during their relationship. He was also married at the time and bankrolling her lifestyle.

She wrote about the experience in an emotional third person Instagram post.

Dave Holmes azealia banks abuse


  1. Oh boy I was just waiting for Azealia’s turn ? Fact of the matter is sadly I’m sure a lot of people were abused by those evil ass Hollywood people but some of these celebrities knew what they had to do to get to where they are and they agreed to it. I remember singer Lana del Rey had a song called fucked my way to the top and that’s what many of these celebrities did.

  2. Sorry , girl . Gotta stay away from those Irish and they’re not white they’re mutts . I don’t do Irish anything you can’t even be half of it they’re worse than black men.

    • That wasn’t th correct way to express myself. Sorry yo.whomever I offended. That was the old Me . Just hate it that girl’s think everyone with white skin has class. People are traditionally raised different to be different things.

      • Wow! “That wasn’t the correct way to express myself. Sorry yo.whomever I offended. That was the old Me.” That’s what you call growth and next level flow!

        Much Respect!!

  3. Azealia needs to get out of that business. The music industry doesn’t careally about you or anyone else for that matter. Be happy they’re blackballing you it’s a sign to get out while you still can unless you want to eat poop and get popped by Donkeys and be gang banged for higher fame. Talent doesn’t matter to them.

    • Exactly. She is identifying that the girl in the story is her by giving her birth date ( as if we didn’t know already).

      • 1991 is also the name of the EP that she was promoting when all this happened.

  4. Girl bye. Bitch u gonna come in my home and break my shit up i worked hard for cuz i ask for my money back. Bitch u trippin and even with the russell crowe story its the same theme…azelia threatening people with violence or break up their shit then when they get mad and throw her crazy ass out they abused her. Noooo bitch, noooo. U know them whites take their expresso very serious and you throwing rocks through his windows?? She lucky she didnt get a ike turner beatdown, close your legs to married men & dont come in my house breaking shit up. Just cuz your house look like shit, tf you think i want my home to look as fucked up as yo shit? Bye.

  5. That’s the wrong Dave Holmes in your picture. The Dave Holmes you have pictured is the former MTV VJ and current writer and podcast host, never managed Coldplay.

    • Not to mention that the Dave Holmes they have pictured is an out gay man.

      I’m laughing my ass off thinking about MTV’s Dave Holmes with Azealia Banks tho.

  6. When they pay for shyt they feel like they own the person and can do whatever they want to them.
    This whole interracial thing doesn’t work for black folks because we are always at a disadvantage because of racism regardless how the white half of the relationship acts or thinks!

  7. I’d be angry too if some dumb bitch broke my shit. Do not come in my home and break things that you have not bought! Damn cheek!

    Dealing with a known-to-be-married man again, you make your own luck luv.

  8. Azaelia is an Illuminati/MK Ultra Slave. Nothing more- nothing less. It was already revealed HERE on this site that she was brought to Russell Crowe’s room to service he and his friends. Any sexual encounters are bought and paid for by the powers that be.

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