Is Paris Jackson Wacko Jacko 2.0?

paris jackson wacko jacko

MJ fans are becoming worried about Paris Jackson’s odd behavior.

The King of Pop’s daughter first licked a window in Melbourne before flying to France to scale lamp posts and sit around on the pavement like a transient.

paris jackson

You can view more pictures from her trip here.

Does this girl need help, or is she just living her best life?


  1. Wherever they sent her a while back didn’t work. Is it genetics or drugs or both!

  2. She is just an entitled little rich white girl doing what ever she wants to do like most of them think they can. Now if my Black ass tried that shit I’d be locked up with the quickness…

  3. I don’t think it’s genetics because I don’t believe this is naturally michael’s child. She’s young , rich and white she has nothing better else to do right now.

    • What is white entitlement if not this? She is untouchable. She might as well.

      • Yup unfortunately she’s very entitled. Let keke palmer or any other black celebrity do some shit like this they would be trying to lock them up in a mental hospital

  4. Please take this bitch back to the clone lab where they got her from. All that is black ppl money she spending, i spit on mike jackson grave over this.

  5. Beginning in 1985, the media became increasingly vicious toward the artist. “They desire our blood, not our pain,” Jackson wrote in a note in 1987. Tabloids soon began disparaging him with the nickname “Wacko Jacko” (a term Jackson despised). It was a term first applied to the pop star by the British tabloid, The Sun , in 1985, but its
    etymology goes back further. “Jacko Macacco” was the name of a famous monkey used in monkey-baiting
    matches at the Westminster Pit in London in the early 1820s. Subsequently, the term “Jacco” or “Jacco Macacco” was Cockney slang to refer to monkeys in general. The term persisted into the 20th century as “Jacko Monkeys” became popular children’s toys in Great Britain in the 1950s. They remained common in British households into the 1980s (and can still be found on Ebay today ).
    The term “Jacko,” then, didn’t arise out of a vacuum, and certainly wasn’t meant as a term of endearment. In the ensuing years, it would be used by the tabloid and mainstream media alike with a contempt that left no doubt about its intent…de-bad/262162/
    I always hated the term but I never knew it’s origin

      • Please those trash bags across the pond are bigger hypocrites than the white trash we have here.

        I have no idea why africans are fleeing africa to go there. I know about the plot for them to take over africa, but why people are not able to fight back I don’t completely get…they used the divide and conquer technique on us, but why are africans continuously having such issues. Are people not able to fight the power and work together anywhere?

  6. So she’s the first young person who attempted to do something silly? If u crew up in the city, didn’t u climb and lamppost or 2….get off her dick.

    RIP Mike

  7. Sadly he left all his hard earned money to her and her brothers, nothing to his family.

  8. Paris was raped which explains why she tried to kill herself why all the kids under Katherine’s watch get raped

    • Yep. One of the brothers. One of them was desperate to take her for her first bra fitting. She was mortified. I do not know which brother it was but you can see that she is an ‘authentic’ cult child.

      • Sounds about right. Two of those nasty muthafuckas shared the same wife and had children by her. Nasty asses raw dawgin after each other. gross AF

  9. Jermaine probably raped her in revenge forbmike getting all the success Jermaine California raisin ass is dirty soon as mike got arrested he was all on TV talking bout mj is being lynched mike died mike wasnt dead five minutes he all.on TV talking about my brother this I love my brother he was the best ever

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