ATL Theft Case Against Pheadra Parks…

Manuel Seal versus Phaedra Parks

Rotton Peach For REAL Royalties!

HSK Exclusive – We’ve exclusively landed court record proving one hit-maker’s theft case against Phaedra Parks. Earlier this week HSK broke the story.. after getting first word that the RHOA cast member hauled into court.

This, over allegations that Pheadra ripped off music royalties from music man, Manuel Seal — who she’s said to have previously provided legal rep for.

Now, Fulton County Court records prove the case remains in “Conversation”…

Check it out:

Phaedra Parks Theft Case

We’ll bring you more details about the case as it unfolds…


  1. Phaedra won’t take a rest from deception until she is locked up behind bars. She’s been a crook for so long that she doesn’t know anything except how to be a crook. What a hot mess she is.

  2. Too bad she can’t share a cell wit her convict hubby Apollo..oh well I guess he gonna be fighting for his manhood..yet again..freaky Phaedra is down for wateva so she will be just fine in a prison cell locked up with a Big Bertha…

  3. The rabbit hole will get deeper. Trust me. More to come. No way this will end good for Phaedra.

    • I agree, passing judgement on someone u have never personally met is beyond crazy to me. I would hate to see how some of these commenters treat the ones they actually know. #wegottadobetterpeople

      • If someone is guilty, they just are. No one is passing judgement, just stating facts. She is a crook and there are witnesses to her crimes. She is not innocent. If she was somebody we knew she would still be guilty. You pray for her because she is going to need it, even though it won’t help her much.

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