ATL Strips Clubs Where Hiram Hicks’ GF Works Revealed!


Hiram Hicks Stripper GF Exposed

HSK Exclusive – We’ve learned the Atlanta strip clubs where sources say Hiram Hicks’ girlfriend “still dances at.”

According to our tipster, the leading lady in the former Def Jam President’s life goes by the stage name “Pooh Pooh.” [Yup, that’s a first!] Anyway, we’re told she gets her hustle on between ATL’s Cheetahs and Follies Gentlemen’s Clubs.

This news comes as reports reveal the couple forked out five-bands on Karlie Redd — for the former LHH cast member to join them in the three-way sex session, in return. Know why? Sources say they were looking to land a lane to lead “Pooh Pooh” to land a spot in the LHH reality series.

Here’s the drop:

“Hiram left his wife of almost 20-years for a throwback Detroit groupie stripper named ‘Pooh Pooh.’

Hiram’s known across Atlanta for smashing groupie women in his Artist Factory studio office, his wife divorced him and took all his money.”


  1. I knew Pooh Pooh from back in the day as a young dancer 27 years ago.All I can say is keep getting that money!

  2. Pooh pooh is not a man my sisters and i use to babysit her from the time she was born until she was 8 years old. This should clear up the fake rumors about her being a he. Like it or not. Truth speaks.

  3. Everybody knows “Pooh Pooh” from back at home. She was on HBO’s Real Sex Episode too working at a former Detroit strip club The Black Orchid on Livernois Ave. She was part of the Mercedes Ladies, where Main Attraction (Celeste) was the real star of the crew. These ladies have been dancing since I was in high school back in the late 80s early 90s. So Pooh Pooh got ti be kissing the gell out of 50 if not older. Everyone complaining about how she looks like a man, but it’s only because she has had a lottttttt if work done. Back in the day her but was flat. and she didnt have a shape, but she was always beautiful. She used to mess with a lot of people Champ, Kim, Kip, WB. etc..a whole bunch of Dboys dopemen… But she cool peeps though. She has a temper and likes to throw shit for sure!


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