Ask Jacky… What Happens at Celebrity Sex Parties?


What happens at celebrity Hollywood sex parties. Have you or anyone you know ever attended such a party?

What happens at celebrity sex parties?

I know an event that’s called NH parties. Know why? Because the party Never Happened mane. Don’t believe me.. Ask Menyone DeVeaux.

Here’s what author of the book “Journey to the Red Carpet” Menyone DeVeaux had to say:

“Innocent, smart, kind and important, will not get you the part in Hollywood.. However: Wild, Fun, Open-Minded, Getty, and Dirty Little Secrets May Get You To The Casting Couch ..

My most memorable moments was arriving to L A for the first time, and within 24 hours, I was already offered a gig. Because I was smart, kind and important.. I figured.

A friend/associate invited me out to a party.. A Hollywood Party!!! I was told to keep it to myself. discrete. I replied.. Why? Because It’s NH.. Bitch! I’m thinking, what is NH?

Smoke, puff, pass, shots.. Twisted. Pulling up to a huge house, security check? Green light! Action.. I’M THINKING DAM!!!!!! I MADE IT.. HOLLYWOOD… YES!!

I’m rolling deep, with some of the biggest names in the game… Jumping out the limousine and I’m feeling good. My friend whispers in my ear.. ‘relax .. it Never Happened’ I replied.. Huh? what Never Happen? My friend says ‘ welcome to the NH lady!!!’ I just wanted to pass out my business cards.

They have these parties two or three times a week, when did they sleep..? There were always dozens of people in there. Woman lined up just to have sex with one Big head celebrity, while his boyfriend brags about the ankle bracelet he bought him.

Bathtub filled with champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries. Rooms with different favors, party favors..

How many of these parties do I need to attend before I get my Big BREAK? I met some amazing people, but the down low brother shit really does exist.

Someone outs a blunt, makes a toast to Money, Hoes and Clothes Is All a Nigga Knows!!! Ahh MAN.. ( my response) Not him… I thought he was a Leading Man. After a while I realized that’s what NH ( Never Happened) ment.

Because I can see these same people at the sports clubs in LA. Look them right in the eye at a charity events, now I’m looking at a major celebrity getting head by the same sex..

I took a detour to the dark side, unwilling and forced, that allowed me to see another side, of the industry.. I decided to write a book on my detour, and my Journey to The Red Carpet.. I thought I never be able to actually make it this far.”

Can you guess which celebrity our author Menyone DeVeuax is talking about? I don’t know, but I think he was a host on the Soul Train television show.

Hope I answered your question!

Yours Truly,
Jacky J.

The photo below was added 2 weeks following the publication of this article. Right after Shemar Moore hosted his own.

Hollywood Never Happened Parties


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