Ashanti Accused of Shoplifting to Hide Her Busted Weave!

ashanti shoplifting

Ashanti’s checks must be drying up, because the singer was just put on blast for stealing a $22 baseball cap!

Apparently, Ashanti tried on the hat, posed for a picture, and walked out without even paying. The store associate cut her a little bit of slack, because apparently Ashanti’s weave was so damn busted, she needed the cap to cover up her slip and slidin’ tracks!

ashanti shoplifting



  1. Damn is Ashanti that broke? There are cameras on every street corner and every corner of a store. Shoplifting is stupid. If Ashanti needs money, go on a reality tv show. She can also start doing what most broke women do; f*ck, suck and swallow for money!

  2. She wasted her best years with that bitch ass nigga Nelly. Should've focused on her career or found a done to earth low-key nfl player/basketballer.

  3. If Ashanti is broke, I know some tricks that will pay her a few thousand dollars to f*ck!

  4. Ashanti is under 40 and has a fat ass donkey! She can still find some rich tricks to give her money for some p*ssy! Or she could try to f*ck some high level hollywood executives to get some on camera work. Either way Ashanti shouldn't have to shoplift! That is just f*cking stupid!

  5. Instead of advising this woman to get an education, starting a business, or something like that, most of these posts are advising her to sell her body. smh….

      • Black males show every day how they are affected by posttraumatic slave syndrome the way they shoot each other down in the street like dogs so you another idiot who needs to be corrected.

        That's silly bitch took the hat because she thought she had the celebrity discount many celebrities walk out of stores with shit its not like she shot somebody as blackmail rappers tend to do with each other over bullshit OK you're corrected it.

        • Fuck you bitch this article is about a black woman and the commentors here are black women so f*ck you with your deflection about black males. Hoes advising others hoes to hoe. Can't blame that on black males so correct your damn self.

            • Bitter about what bitch? A failed singer afraid to show the hair God gave her but lacks the funds to keep her coverage hair up to par? Fuck you too. When your entire existence is an illusion (Ashanti and woman who cares and your cast of lame ass non writing characters) don't be mad when a nigga pulls yo card and calls yo weak ass out.

        • Black men,? What the f*ck does her dumb asss shoplifting have to do with black men? ok your disillusion. Might wanna take yo ass back with those hood rats you be hanging with. This is why Black women are so undesirable, yall mouth speak before your think, Always thinking Skanky "Attitude" makes yall a women, bitches need to look at women like Rosa Park n Harriet Tubman n shiit, real black women, not yall Ghetto Hood rats n shiit walking with yall funky dirty p*ssy's stanking the place.

      • All black people should read the book Post Tramatic Slave Syndrome by Dr. Joy Degruy.

      • I said she should've focused on her career but you had to generalize about ALL black women so you couldn't help yourself but type shot. Lol who's really the one with post slave syndrome?

  6. you dumb f*cks don't know shit about slavery, always playing the race card…. yea, blame the white man for all your troubles. thats why you'll always be stuck.

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